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Ferals still a problem for neighbor

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I need advice...As some of you may remember, I have had trouble in the past with one of two of my feral colony pooping in the neighbor's garden. She had complained and I said that I would go over there 2-3 times a week to clean up anything, if there was anything. Everything seemed fine, but when I went over today I noticed she had cleaned up her garden, taken all of the dead plants etc. out for winter and put a black tarp over it. Well....Guess what was sitting on top of the tarp? Three piles of poop! (Sorry, I don't know how to put it politely!) Now what do I do? It's so blatant, sitting there...and I can't get over there to check all day long. Please...anybody with any ideas...Help! Anybody have any experience with some herb, fragrance, store product that I can ask her if I can put on there, something that really works?

Thank you for any help!
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Have you tried that powder you can shake out on your lawn? It supposedly smells like fox urine (for all I know it IS freeze-dried fox urine) and is supposed to scare away feral cats. You can get in in the lawn care center of any building supply store like Home Depot.

We tried to to scare off a skunk and I think our semi-feral also disliked it (unfortunately )

Good luck!
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That's what I was going to suggest, the fox urine stuff. You can also try citrus peels (orange, lemon) as *most* cats dislike that (that's not always the case, though). If they are true ferals and scared of humans, you could also try getting hair clippings from a barber shop and put those around the area.

Please do not use mothballs! Yes, they will mostly work to deter the cats, but they are also extremely toxic to them.
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HI !!!

where are you in new york ? i am on long island.

i think i read in one of those natural sites something that will deter them.

i will go look for it and get back to you but in the meantime maybe some
of those ideas others gave you will work.

good luck !!!
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i just posted in you other thread too lol.

i looked for what i thought i kept which was a list of natural remedies
to deter outside cats from pooping or digging in certain areas..... but for
the moment i can't find it.

i'm sorry.

if i do i post it here.

do you think you could afford or would want to put up one of the
fence attachments that would keep them from jumping into your
neighbors yard ?

i don't know what your property looks like so in actuality it might not
even help.

just a thought.
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wouldn't a garden be an appropriate place for an animal to poop? :P the cat just thinks he's providing fertilizer for her! i can understand not wanting to step in the stuff, obviously...
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