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Can I speed up my cat's hair growth?

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I have seen quite a bit of advice on this forum for making your cat's coat more beautiful but have not yet seen one that asks this particular question. I have a longhaired cat and enjoy grooming it every day. He has what appears to be a very healthy coat but when I look at photos of longhairs being shown in shows, they always seem to have so much more hair. Now I do watch TV and see all the ads aimed at men for growing hair and just wondered if there is anything correspondingly for cats; that is, something that actually aids in the growth of hair. I just want my cat to have long, long, flowing hair and I do not mind at all taking care of it. My cat by the way is just seven months old, am I just being too impatient? Although I have had many cats before, this is my first longhaired so I am not familiar with this.
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Are you planning on having him neutered soon? or has that been done already? Coats fill in more after that. I think they also fill in more as adults, but they go thru phases.

I just purchased some conditioner too, that was suggested in the grooming section, I'm looking forward to seeing how that works.
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Thanks, he was nuetered three months ago. I hope you are right and I think you probably are about the age part. Perhaps when they quit growing, then their hair starts to fill out more? Anyway, I see these photos of show cats and they all have much longer hair than my kitty, of course I guess you do not show cats until they are older, I do not know and I do not intend to show my cat, I just want him to have as long hair as possible and wonder if these show people know some tricks. I am probably just not being patient enough since I have no experience with longhairs. Since he is only seven months old maybe I just have to wait...
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It probably is just a waiting game. Psyche is my first longhaired, too, and her coat seems so much shorter than it should be. She's also only 13 weeks old, so that adds to it, i guess.
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Kitten s that are longhairs likely are similiar to dogs in that their coats come in with age ... A high quality diet can help but let mother nature do her thing
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Missy is no particular breed but her hair was 2 inches long until she turned 1 then suddenly it grew to over 4 inches.
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He may have gone though his kitten moult. It takes about 3 months or more for a Persian coat to grow out...even in this heat, my persian carries a 5" coat!
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