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Poor Chloe

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Chloe was supervising DH light the gas fire, she was a bit too enthusiastic in her wish to make sure he did it properly and burnt her whiskers.

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Awwww Chloe, you silly sausage!

I hope your Daddy got the fire all nice and warm for you to sleep next to though!
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oh NO..........I can see the whiskers all shrivelled up .........aww.......

heres some from my kitty crew !
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Awww Chloe Your just like my Rosie and Sophie when it comes to being curious.
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My little girl Athena singed the fur on her leg the other night on a candle- she stood to close and before I could move her Did she not feel that??!! Silly cat
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Oh poor Chloe...Sophia has done that a few times on candles that she just has to smell!!!
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Awwww poor baby ..... my cats have done that also with candles
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Ahh poor chole, hope your ok
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Poor little Chloe - all she wanted to do is see what Daddy was up to
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The poor sweetie I hope she is feeling better.
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