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help on sleeping!!!!

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This may sound weird but I cant sleep with out the kitties on me...bella she climbs under the covers with me to go to sleep now....i know that sounds a little weird but ya and she lays almost like me but her whiskers are always tickeling me because she is cleaning herself...Now the kitten I wish would sleep with me and she does sometimes she is just not around when ever i fall asleep although I DO wake up with her somewhere on me my only worry is me moving in my sleep...she is so light and everything unlike bella who weighs about 10lbs but for some reason the kitten is sleeping alot could that be of her sinus infection??? I need my kitties to go to sleep wiht me and it never works i just dont want to forces them to sleep with me...I can be so tired and i cant go to sleep with out them and how can i brake stormie out of sleeping now and when its time for me to go to bed she wants to play and it drives me crazy !!!!!!!!! Any advice...
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I'm assuming that the kitten has seen the vet since you know it is a sinus infection. If not, you may want to see one. I would contact the vet if you have any questions about her sleeping a lot.

Cats do get more active at dusk and dawn so if you want her to sleep when you are sleeping, then try playing with her and wearing her out.

I also had problems when Lucy stopped sleeping with me but what I've learned with cats is that they are individuals and you learn to appreciate their quirks. Also as your kitten grow older, she will start settling in.
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