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Funny Kitters

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Kitters was napping the other day and it was soo soo cute her all curled up! So I snapped a few photos, but she kept opening her eyes and all I got were open eye shots.

Then she woke up from me doing that and sat up! But she was obviously still tired cuz she yawned.

and yawned again...

and again!

What a silly little girl. She looks so funny in the middle one!!!! She slept a lot when she was sick but she looked a lot different sleeping. This is how and where she slept when she wasn't feeling good! In the bathroom in mommys CLEAN clothes!

Let's all note that mommy offered up her very cute shirt as a blankee so Kitters would stay warm!! You can see it in her eyes there how she didn't feel good!

But she's all better now as you can tell in the first photos even though she's a silly girl!
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way too cute its so hard to "sneak" up and take sleeping snaps
But - wow - you got some great yawns........thinks she was rather bored by it all - you know how they get when the camera comes out
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Awww, Kitters!

I love the snarly yawn picture!!

Jill, you can certainly tell that Kitters is feeling her normal self again now - her eyes are so much brighter!
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
Awww, Kitters!

I love the snarly yawn picture!!
It's hysterical isn't it!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
It's hysterical isn't it!
Aw, no fair taking pics when she's not at her best.

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My what big teeth you have! poor sleepy Kitters!
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Ahhh she is a doll, Glad she"s better
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Glad she is feeling better she's so cute!!!
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nice, catch!!!
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She is such a dork!!! But I love her!!
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awe...she is soo cute...look at those yawns, i am never able to get shots of my kitties yawning but i was able to sang a few of them all sleeping and cuddeley, and of my kitties stole my nice brand new coat so i had to give it up to them ! lol
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She is so cute you should be so proud, she is beautiful. I am glad she is feeling better. It breaks our hearts when they are feeling bad.
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