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Twitch & TigerLily-a mother/daughter love!

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These two are aboslutely adorable together!

I call this one "Twitch ate Lily's head"

Lookit my sleepy babies!!!!

Snuggle Buddies!!

And, of course, Lily steals the spotlight from Twitch.

There'll be more tomorrow, but I need to go to bed now!
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Awww, I love them all cuddled up together!!
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OMG that is so precious. They are both so beautiful! Who is the mother and who is the daughter?

Easy and Laura are mother and daughter and they love each other so much. Laura follows Easy around everywhere and melts in Easy's arms when they cuddle
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aww............great snuggle photos I love the little white patch on Lilys tummy.........
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Oh, the love! Please post some more!
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oh how sweet! now if you could just get the other white one in there
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That is so precious!!!
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Awwwwwww aren't they sweet!!
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Katie, Nah...I'd rather not get Ophelia in there. Lily's got some nasty sores on her from Ophelia. We called Ophelia "Twitch's Evil Twin". Ophelia attacks Lily & we're still not sure why...

Pami, they aren't actually mother/daughter. Lily was really young when I got her(stray). At first, Twitch hated her. It took 2-3 months & suddenly Twitch loved Lily. Showed Lily how to proerly use the litterbox, & how to beg for food, & how to melt mommies heart...

I haven't gotten more in my photobucket yet...the internet's been down until now(I'm suffering from TCS withdrawl). I'll have to see when I can get more in there...they were so cute last night!
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Here's some more pics!

Here's Lily snuggled into Twitch's behind.

Here's Lily showing off a little too much behind.

A content Lily...

And this one makes me sad. This is what Lily looks like everytime the stair door is opened & Ophelia comes upstairs. She gets attacked everytime Ophelia comes upstairs. It's called "Spookie's gonna eat me". (There are times I wish I had never said yes to taking Ophelia...but I don't regret it for more than a moment...I just wish they got along so Lily wasn't so scared all the time.)
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Natalie they are beautiful pictures. I am sorry Lily is scared of Ophelia, thats a real shame, her littl face makes me sad too. Maybe one day they will get on. At least she has her 'Mum' Twitch to look out for her as best she can
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Awww, that last picture! She looks so sad! I'd scoop her right up and give her a million extra cuddles!
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