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Do you have a favorite kitty?

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If so, who and why? I know we all love our furbabies... no doubt about that. But do you have a favorite in your bunch?

I have to say my Oreo was my favorite. She touched my heart so dearly, it's hard to imagine another could do it. She helped me through ALOT of hard times also...
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It depends on the time of day and what they do with me that grabs my heart at the moment. Typically Scarlett or Muddy win me over most times over the course of a day. Scarlett gives me her love churp as she leaps into bed at night to snuggle under the covers next to my side. Muddy stands on his hind legs to be picked up and loved.

But right now Oscar is sitting in my lap giving me the cutest "I love you so much mom" look that he's got my heart.

How can you resist any of them?
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Oh jeez, I really cannot choose between my boys! Davidson is definately my little cuddle bug, he'll cuddle with me all day everyday if he could! I say that we 'connect' more than Harley & I do, but Harley is my big 'ol luv bug, without a doubt. He'll always have the #1 spot in my heart, but Davidson is right there with the #1.5 spot
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i like all of my cats,

But i guess heyu since, she was mine before itta brought over her 2 from indo.
And also hmm, i think heyu has issues, she never been soical, it has taken almost a year for her to let other people touch her. she does not seem to be able to jump very well, always seem to miss. Along with still being small. sometimes i really feel bad leaving for work, cause she will sit at the door and YEOW!!! and cry ever night i leave.
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It will always be BELLA
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nope! Miagi is my favorite goofy boy and Tiger is my favorite cuddle bug!
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Tavia is my only cat. But her and Lilly and Lady run a tight race, and I love Macy a whole lot too.
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Twitch will forever & always hold that special place in my heart. She & I have been through so much together in her 4 years of life. She's not overly friendly, or cuddly....she's just perfect.
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All of mine bring something different and adorable to the table I love them all to pieces. They all came to me about the same time, since I found Easy pregnant, so I didnt have one longer than the other. They all just wrapped me around their paw simultaneously!
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This is going to sound dumb, but my favourite is whoever I'm cuddling at the time. I guess that means that I don't really have a favourite. They all have such different traits that they're not really competing.
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aww.............well Miss Moofs.......cos she´s our baby..........but like others have commented, our other kitties are No.1 for different reasons Dino is a special boy - cos he´s just a big mummies boy (he´s with me now - as per ) and Pepsi, is our Princess........nuff said really

Love em all to pieces
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I only have one kitty right now, and ofcourse she is "the best kitty inthe world!", but I always say besides by beloved Sweety and Pandi. They all have thier own catualities and each one is or was my favorite! They also prefered to be single!
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Although I love them both, and my bridge baby Magpie, I've always had a special bond with Jaffa. When I picked him up in the rescue centre (age 8 weeks) he rolled over onto his back and demanded I take him home. As soon as I got him home and took him out of the carrier he rubbed up against me and started purring. He's been a mummy's boy ever since. I loved his brother Magpie very much and was devastated when he died last year, and I love little Mosi to bits. But Jaffa is just one of those extra special cats that come along now and again, so I suppose you could say he was my favourite, although I don't like using those words as it does sort of imply I love the others less which I don't. It's more a case of just having a closer bond with him.
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Simon was my special boy, that cat was my heart
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Trout is my favorite...
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Right now it's Lex, he's so cuddly and affectionate and doesn't bite or scratch like his sisters lol But all our cats are great.
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I love both Whitey and Luna. Whitey because he's the closest thing to a dog (I'll chase him he chases me) and is very social.

I love Luna as she's so little and cute she just my cuddle bug.

Patches and Beauty I do like, but they're B's cats, so he has that "special" bond with them.
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That is a hard one, I say Howler because of his laid back personality and Kera Beacuse of her spunky personality they balance life out.
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I don't have a favorite. Both of my girls have unfolded their personalities. They are so diffferent and lovable in their own ways.
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Lily is my favorite now. Shes the cat that turned me into a cat lover. Mainly because she stuck herself to my side and hasnt left in about 10 years.

But I have to admit that Bagheera had stolen my heart. I spent so much time with him since the day he came home trying to get him healthy when he was tiny then trying to keep him eating threw some bad URI's. Then all of his other health problems. I had to watch him constantly. He was so sick when he came and so weak. I didnt think he would make it. But every time I would put him in his kennel he would scratch and beg and cry till I took him out and cuddled with him. He loved to cuddle people and other animals. He was such a sweet boy.
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Nope, I don't have a favorite- there are really unique things I love about each of my girls and I have a special little bond with each of them I love my furbabies soo much!!!!
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No favorites between my two boys. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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If I had to pick a fav it would be Dianna. She has been with me the longest and tends to be very shy. It just lifts your heart when she decides that it is snuggle time. For laughs, it is of course Annie or which ever foster babies are here.
But for snuggles it is Shadow, for the longest time he didn't want to be touched until one day when he was about 8 weeks I picked him up and petted him for about an hour, after that he turned into the greatest lover cat. And he is always the first one to know when I don't feel well and is right there on my lap with a comforting purrrr
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I love them all, but Bumper is my favourite - he is just too dumb and snuggly not to love... and he decided he loved me the most and rarely leaves my sisde so its hard to be able to love the others more
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Wow.. that's a tough one!!!

I love all my girls... But I have to say my Chessy is my favorite... Chessy is the most loving one.. Plus she sleeps with me and beside me at night.. Every morning when I get up,, she jumps up on the sink and nuzzles and loves on me,, when to wake me up.. I just love her!!

Angel is my alpha cat,, so she has her moments of loving,, but she sleeps with my daughter most of the time....

Seren,, is still trying to fit into the mix,, she can be loving,, but she is trying to get her paws about her.. She'll come around and start loving on me more.....

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