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Kittens and Dogs

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So my new kitten babies seem to be adjusting well to thier new home. My resident cat is still not sure- but it has only been two days. One of the kittens keeps hissing at my dog. She has been around other dogs before in her foster home- and much bigger dogs at that (I have a little silky terrier). Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior now or do you think she will stop once she is used to the dog? My dog is already frightened of her because of the hissing- and I don't want my dog to be upset either. Any words of wisdom?
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i think that once she gets used to your dog it will all work out...thats how it was with my bella at least, when we first got her we got to big labs and we would seperate them but try to introduce them and she would always growl and hiss at them it took a few months but now we are done hissing and growling, but now she just claws them to show whos boss lol and my one lab cocoa is so use to the cats playing with him he cries whenever he sees them and wants to play. So i think you kittie just needs to get used to your little one, it might take some time or no time at all i just think that she needs to get used to him.. I hope that that was some help to you! Althouhg my newest addition stormie the kitten she could care less about the dogs she just walks right past them like they arent even there lol.
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She's probably just a little scared because it's a new home with new smells and new critters. My mom has Maltese dogs and it took each new kitten a little while to get used to them. It only took my newest kitten a few days to get used to the dogs, while it took my tom who's a year and a half old a few months. I think it just depends on the personality of the cat.
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