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What Disney movies do you have? I have all the ones in the first Masterpiece collection, from Snow White all the way to Hercules. I just got Peter Pan return to Neverland when it came out on the 23rd. An expensive hobby but it is fun to watch them once and put them away for future generations to watch(if they still have video players then! LOL!)
I have a few Eeyore things. Mostly stuffed animals. I forgot my other favorite hobby(don't know how I did I have them EVERYWHERE!) unicorns! I have a curio cabinet full of them and pictures all over the place. I better fix that don't ya think! LOL!:tounge2:
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I've pretty much got all of the movies except for Little Mermaid - they retired that before I started collecting. It does get expensive, especially with the other things I collect. I have at least 9 Eeyor shirts, plus stuffed animals, pillows and cups. I collect unicorns, dragons and wizards. I also collect fantasy novels.
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COOL! If you want the little mermaid, try . they always seem to have those movies or even Ebay. That's were I got most of the older ones..
I have alot of unicorns, no dragons or fantasy novels. S/O role plays though does that count? LOL!I am very picky about my unicorns though. I only buy ones that actually look like horses. No goofy ones that look like donkeys or other weird things.
S/O gave me talking Eeyore for xmas last year.I have a couple shirts and lots of pj's with Eeyore on them.
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I alos prefer my unicorns to be horse like! I have a beautiful series of plates from the Bradford Exchange with different unicorns on them. I think that I have 8 or 9 - I got the whole series 15 years ago. Every few months there would be a new plate!

Isn't Eeyore great - he is so underrated!
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I just had to butt in and say you two sound so cute talking about Eeyore and Unicorns and things.
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And we are in our 30's!
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LOL! :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 Don't worry, I have a mobile above my bed, stuffed toys all around my room and LOVE playing with Lego Technic
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Ohhhhhh! I would love a mobile above my bed! I am jealous of my nice who has a safari one! I keep wanting to steal it!
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hey now, quit giving away our ages! LOL! I want a mobile of Eeyore but I think that the cats would have a field day tearing it apart!
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LOL you two! OK I will butt out now and let you keep on reliving your childhoods, dreaming of Eeyore, mobiles, Unicorns and Disney movies. :tounge2:
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Remember - you are only as old as you feel (and act!). Age is just a number and another birthday is just a reason to get presents!
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Girl, I like your thinking!
Kumbulu, you don't have to butt out. we don't mind company do we ady?
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The more the merrier!
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yeah we should invite everyone.. maybe we can start our own Eeyore fan club???LOL!
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I really irritate my hubby with my Eeeyore obsession! I joke with him that Eeyore is my hero as he lives with and copes with his depression. I look at Eeyore and say "depressed donkey", I look at myself and say (jokingly of course) "depressed donkey"!
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Too funny! My fiancee hates Eeyore! He thinks the"jacka$$" is for children. little does he know...... LOL!
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Eeyore is very intelligent and moody - it shows that he is creative when he walks around with his own thundercloud!
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Hey, I never thought of that! I'll have to tell S/O that! LOL!
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LMAO! You two are still at it! Have you tried furbies or technokitty?

PS When I get my own house, I want to paint fluffy white clouds in a blue sky on my bedroom ceiling
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yep. we're still going strong! See!? you have a little kid in you too!!! LOL!
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Who me?? *hiding the lego technic under the bed* Nah!:tounge2:
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