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He's quitting

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John came home from work tonight and told me that he's going to stop drinking.
He usually has a beer every night when he gets home, and usually goes out with the boys to have a few every weekend. I'm not a big drinker, I never have been.

This weekend he blacked out - and it really scared him. Good thing I was there to give him a ride home to make sure he was alright. But it really knocked some sence into him. He called his Grandpa, who is a recovering alcoholic for 45 years now, and John is going to meet with him to discuss everything tomorrow night.

Alcoholism runs in his family, and he told me he wants to quit before it ruins our relationship. I told him I'm really very happy for him, as I know how it can ruin lives - my Grandpa is also a recovering alcoholic for over 45+ years now, and so is my Dad (20 years) and my Uncle (21 years).

I know how the TCS vibes work, so if you could all please say some prayers for us, as I know its going to be a long hard stuggle, but he WANTS to do this, for himself. We got rid of all the alcohol in the apartment tonight, and I told him I'll be there to support him 100%.

Thanks in advance for all the prayers, I know how powerful they really are
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As a wife of a recovering alcoholic (sober since Jan 21st) I am SOO happy for you and him! It's a long rough road to travel. If you EVER need someone to talk to, you're more then welcome to pm me ANYTIME!
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Sending many vibes that everything will go smoothly as he tries to quit.
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You and John are in my thoughts. I'm sending some vibes your way.
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Lots of vibes for you guys Mack. You are a fantastic girlfriend.
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I really have to commend you because if I knew his family history when I met him wouldn’t have given him the time of day.

Quitting is a good thing. Supporting him is a good thing.

The only thing I would suggest is checking out ala-non for you. Because it’s not always easy and they can help.

Sending you both only the best vibes.
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Thanks guys, I know the prayers will help - they are so powerful
I'm just so happy that he wants to quit - not only for himself, but for our future together.
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Lots of prayers and luck to John. I think it's wonderful that you are so supportive, he's lucky to have you by his side.
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I'm sending tons of prayers and vibes your way!! We're going through sort of the same thing here with my brother-in-law. He's been an alcoholic for a very long time and has just recently decided to quit. He hasn't had a drink since Thursday and we're all very proud of him! I know that this is really tough. You and John will definately be in my thoughts and prayers!
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Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post

The only thing I would suggest is checking out ala-non for you. Because it’s not always easy and they can help.

What she said.....it is a big change to undergo.....been there, done that...and it wasn't easy. I also commend you for giving him the support that he will need, BUT....don't forget about yourself.......Al-Anon can and will help.

Winter Hawk
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Good deal!

Please make sure he joins Alcoholic's Anonymous. Alcoholism is a disease and there is no cure, only management so he needs to do the 12 step program and learn how to manage this life long infliction so that he has the best chance of succeeding. Once he stops drinking, he can never, ever, ever have another alcohol drink. It's not possible for an alcoholic to become a social drinker because of the genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction.

It's a really hard road and he needs not only support from you, but also from those who have been where he is and have succeeded.
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Good luck Mackenzie! I am divorced from an alcoholic and I was brought up with it too with a lot of relatives. So, I can understand where you're coming from. If you ever need to talk, you know where I am!
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Wow, he must LOVE YOU!

That's good that he's getting the help he needs too. There's a huge difference between "enjoying" alcohol and getting so plastered you black out. A beer a night isn't so bad, as long as you limit yourself to just that. If you can finish the 12 pack and still only have a "buzz" then you have a problem IMO.

Good luck to his new found journey!
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His Grandpa is in AA - so thats why he's going to talk with him tomorrow night. He'll help him more than I can in that department. He contacted his Grandpa on his own for help, I know he'll join and go to meetings with his Grandpa if he feels he needs to.

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This is really great news, it certainly says a lot about how much you and your relationship means to him. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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That is great news Mackenzie
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My dad was an alcoholic and it was a terrible disease. I always let him know I loved him and I was always there for him. When he was drinking I was the only one who could talk to him and calm him down so he wouldn't get violent.

My thoughts and prayers will be there for John and for you for the strength to support and help him.
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That's great news! With all the support from you and his family, I'm sure this will work out.

Cheers, from
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Good luck to you and John, Kenz. With your support he can do this. Sending lots of prayers for both of you.
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That's awesome news!
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HUGE vibes coming your way - been there done that, he didn't stick with it and we lost each other.

Totally here for you - HUGE HUGE vibes!!!
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I hope John can do it. My sister's husband quit for a year and has since tried drinking in moderation.
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lots of good thoughts and prayers going out to you both!
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Thanks everyone, the prayers mean so much!

He doesn't get violent when he drinks or anything bad like that. He just realizes that he's at a point in his life where its not important. Its more of a habit now, more than anything. I just think that after he blacked out, he realized that he is ready to stop. He doesn't like the feeling at all, and either do I, because I felt so helpless, like I couldn't do anything to make it better. But now, we're in this together, for the long haul
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That is wonderful! I can't say how proud I am to hear that he has realized there could be a problem in the future and doesn't want it to happen and ruin what you 2 have! You have tons of keep it up and you can do it vibes from me to John and you!
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Good for him Mackenzie. What a smart guy you have there
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Good wishes and thoughts and prayers for both of you.

It is going to be tough - maybe you could have a chat with your grandpa too and figure out strategies for when things are rocky?

Good luck.
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Kenz, I just caught this thread. That's terrific!!!
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I hope this works out well for the both of you.!!
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That's great news. Good luck!
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