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stinky poo

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My siamese has always had very stinky poo, a lot worse than other cats I've had (you don't want to go in the bathroom after she's been in there!) Anyways, for the last month I have noticed that the smell is not nearly as bad...actually i haven't even noticed the smell. I thought I was just used to it. Last week I ran out of dry food and bought her a new brand...just as soon as i did that the stink was back. So for any of you dealing with especially fragrant feces... Purina One chicken and rice is one to try.
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Nutro also makes a dryfood that claims the reduction of poopy oder...
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Max Nutro is all I feed my cats. It's all natural and does cut down on the odor. You can find it in any pet supply store.
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So you say Donna, Ken and I just went tonight to get another bag of science diet and we are giving the rest of the Nurtro back to Rene because the cats poo smells worse than a skunk since they went on Nutro.
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I don't notice any more of an odor from Science Diet or Max Nutro to be quite honest. I do know that my cats no longer have diarrhea.
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I used to feed my cats Nutro and not only did they stink up the whole house, but my female would throw up 3-5 times a week. They have been on Science Diet for about 4 months, the smell is gone, and the vomiting stopped.
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I feed my kitten Iams dry and wet food and I have no problem with the smell. I defentaley get Iams.
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I only feed Charlie the Nutro Natural Choice (not the Max stuff), and we have no stink problems. His coat is also much shinier than it used to be.
A few times, I have given him cheapo wet foods and the smell was just awful!
We like the Nutro.
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Thelmalu - last time I was in Petco I had a chnace to speak with a Nutro rep. Asked what the difference was between Max CAT and the Natural Choice since I could find non except the addition of Fish. Her answers was nothing (it is preserved the same way, etc.) except that Natural Choice also has hering Flavor for variation. Just thought you would want to know.
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Actually, any food that has no by-products, filler, or artificial stuff reduces smell and quantity.

I switched to Innova a few months ago, and can never tell when my two cats poop, not like before. They also poop less. I was told that because this food is all natural, they process more of it, don't need to eat as much, and poop less. It's all been true!
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