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UPDATE: Sebastian  

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I took Sebastian to the vet today because he is supposed to have anestheia on Friday to evaluate his broken arm and I am uncomfortable with the anethesia. My regular vet feels that he is at risk of sudden death syndrome. His heart is not pumping well and his BP is low. I just want to cry. He was a fairly healthy boy 6 weeks ago and how he is down to 6 pounds 9 ounces. She thinks that he may have cancer and he needs an ultrasound of his abdomen and if that is negative of his chest. I am so lost. I have spent over $3000 already. I will do everything for my boy but I am out of money. I can not think right now. I just want it to all be better. I can not lose my lil boy.

I have been force feeding him for almost 2 weeks now and he is just getting sicker. The blood tests will be back tomorrow. I will just feed him and make him comfortable. That is all that I can do today.

For those who need to be caught up: My lil boy broke his arm on 10/10. He was fine but with a broken arm. Then he started a rapid decline. He stopped eating, so I am force feeding him. His arm culture came back postive for strep and he developed a cold. He has been on baytril, clavamox and now he is on zythromycin (sp). Blood work revealed that he has an infection (where they do not know) his protein was low and his potassium was low. He is on postassum suppliments. He keeps losing weight despite the force feeding.

Thank you all for your love and support

This picture was taken 10-12-06. He looks nothing like this now.
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awwwwww sweet darling Sebastian

I am sorry that I dont know the story behind Sebastian but is it absolutely necessary for him to have the anestheia if your vet thinks its such a risk?

Stay strong little boy, your Mommy loves you so much and is doing everything she can too make you well again.

Know you have a world of cat lovers right behind you sending you lots of healthy vibes
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I would think the vet would come up with some alternatives for you.

Best wishes and good luck
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I'm sorry that Sebastian isn't doing any better. Isn't it likely that the low BP and his heart problem are due to the strep infection, rather than something like cancer? I know at least two people who almost died of staph, one after a broken leg, and the other after knee surgery (the latter had to have his leg amputated), so I can't help but wonder if it's not possible to find an antibiotic that the strep isn't resistant to. You and Sebastian are in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Sebastian isn't doing well.
I would think the vet would come up with some alternatives for you.
I agree---you'd think the vet could come up with something.
You & your sweet boy will be in my prayers.
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We're all behind you and Sebastian 100% he's a very handsome boy
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I will keep my fingers crossed for him, the poor little sweetheart.
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I'll be thinking of you & Sebastian.
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Sebastian is at the Specality Vet right now. They will give him IV fluids and do somemore blood work. He is in Kidney Failure right. My regular vet did not tell me that. And, my regular vet feels that his heart is failing. The Specialty Vet says that his heart is fine. They are going to do an ulrasound of his abdomen...I do not know what I am in for here but I do not want my boy to suffer. My husband and I decided that we will let him be a peace before he suffers. I feel very helpless since my boy is not with me now. Does anyone have a furbaby who recovered from Kidney failure?

on a side note I did not sign the DNR...i want them to do EVERYTHING But at the same time I do not want him to suffer.

Thanx for all of the support. I need to call my regular vet now.

Please understand that I ask this question because I am hurting right now: If after all of these tests, and they still can not find why he is deteriorating so fast (within a week his WBC went from 40k to 90 K and his liver and kidney are not doing well), they do not kow why he went from a fairly healthy boy to this. If I brought him home made him confortable and put him to rest when the time was right? I do not want him to suffer but how much more can his litttle body take? He does purr and give me love eyes, so i know he is happy but his each time they do his bloodwork, it looks even worse.
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healing vibes to you and sabastian
Regarding kidney failure, we had one cat who was on deaths door because of it and the vets gave him 1 week to live if we gave him dialisis. We went ahead with it, and he came home shortly after that. He was on meds to help the bloodflow around his kidneys after that. He lived another 3 years after the innitial exam, and died of heart failure (not kidney). My point is that you can't "recover" but there are ways of attempting to prolong life.
It sounds as if you're having some conflicting information given to you. I would lean towards trusting the specialist, but I have to wonder why the opinions are so different. Does the specialist work with anyone that could give a 3rd opinion?
Again, my heart and well wishes go out to both of you in this difficult time.
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My heart aches for you.

You & your husband will be in my thoughts, with the hope that you find the answers you need,
to make the right decisions for Sebastian.
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I am going to the Specialty Vet to be with my boy. I do not want him to be alone when he is given peace. All of the test results are in and he is very sick. Each treatment will not help the other multiple issues that he has.

I have read how other people have lost their babies, but i can not imagine how they go on. Thank you for all of the support.
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I'm so sorry. Stay strong. We're all here whenever you want to talk, or cry.
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i'm so sorry to hear he's not doing well. it will get easier in time. when you're ready, please post a tribute in the bridge forum. my and my prayers are going out to you, your husband & sweet Sebastian.
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Our hearts go out to you. It is a truly difficult time and I think most of us have been where you are now and we know how much you are hurting. Just know that once he goes to the bridge he will be well again and waiting for you when it is time.
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I'm closing this thread now and there is a thread in CTB for Sebastian.

Please go there to pay your respects to this special kitty.
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