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Brandon is turning 1!

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Hi everyone,
My baby boy is growing up so fast Brandon will be one on Saturday. I can't believe it. He is smiling and playing. He has 6 teeth and says Mama and Dada. He loves to play with the cats too.

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Wow a cutie! I love his rooster costume!
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Love the pic of him and Daddy. (Cute Daddy! )
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I literally chuckled at a few of those pics...........he is so darling!!!
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Aw, what a sweetie! You just want to hug and kiss him! He has a very cute sort of elfin quality... maybe it's the ears?

Cheers, from
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He is such a cutie! I can't believe he will be 1! What a big boy!!
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Wow he is getting big and a whole year ....
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What an adorable little sweetheart!!
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Oh Laura what a precious baby boy Brandon is. What an adorable family picture you all make. Happy Birthday Brandon!
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He has got to be the cutest little boy in the world - I just want to pinch his little cheeks! I can't believe he's already one - that year really flew by!
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Now I know why the little guy is so goodlooking - look at those parents of his!!! You both have great genes!!!

Happy 1st birthday, little TCSer!!!!
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Look at your wonderful family...
Brandon...I just want to hug you sweetie pie.
You have a smile that will give you the world.

See you on your birthday thread.
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Thanks so much for all the great compliments. You all are even making Brent blush You are all so wonderful, I'm glad I have the chance to share all of this with such great people
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What a little cutie Brandon is. You have beautiful family, Laura!
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he's such a cutie! Happy 1st birthday, Brandon!
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Oh he is just too cute!
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Happy Gotcha Day Brandon!
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Cute photos Laura. Congratulations to you this Saturday!
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Awe Brandon is sooo cute! That first year flies by so quickly!! Happy B-day !!
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Aww! Happy Birthday Brandon!

Deacon's is the 21st! 2 turkey babies!
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Wow, where has the year gone?!!

Laura, I'm so glad you've posted more pictures of Brandon; he is just adorable! You have such a beautiful family!
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Happy 1st Birthday you cutie pie

Beautiful pictures, wonderful family pic!!!
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
Happy Gotcha Day Brandon!

I love that!!!
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Awwww theres Jasmines boyfriend

happy birthday Brandon!!!!

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He's a cutie for sure! Jasmine better be taking karate lessons, she's gonna have to fight for him!
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Brandon is a cutie pie!!! Happy Birthday Brandon!!
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What a cutie

Happy Birthday Brandon!
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Aww Happy Birthday Bradon what a little sweetie
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Happy Birthday Brandon!!
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aww he is so cute!!!!! happy 1sy birthday!!!! i bet ur so excited!!!
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