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Do I even want to go there?! (Gray's Anatomy Related!)

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Well I decided that for every 10#'s I lose towards my overall goal I can get a little reward. This time I had a $25 gift certificate that I made myself wait until I hit my 10# goal before I could spend it- well now I can spend it!!

My problem is that now I'm agonizing over what to get!!!!!! I know I want the Little Mermaid on DVD (I am a Disney lover still!) but then I couldn't decide between the other 169 items in my wishlist....

So I was thinking about getting the 1st season of GA... but I'm scared! Should I commit!? Because if I buy the first one then I have to own every one that ever comes out so I have the complete set! (Yes I am anal!)

I just finished watching Season 1 last week- I've been renting them through Netflix.... I'm on Season 2 now! I LOVE this show!
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I bought Season 1 when it first came out and haven't regretted it at all! I'm still holding out on Season 2, just because it's a lot more expensive since it was a full season.

BUT, Disney is notorious for having a very short release time on their DVDs, so if you REALLY want Little Mermaid I would get that. Grey's Anatomy will be around, but the Disney DVDs don't stay available for too long.
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I concur-Disney always does these limited releases so I would get those 1st!!
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I agree with Disney. Then go for GA!
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Well I decided- I think I'm gonna get the Little Mermaid as planned but also some scrapbook stuff. I could've gotten both LM and Gray's but I am afraid of the commitment!!

I figured since I haven't gotten crafty lately and I'm trying to budget for the holidays I'd use my $$ wisely! I'll get a few scrapbook things and try and use up a lot of my current supplies.... Although, I suppose using it wisely would be to buy someone else their X-mas gift, BUT I lost the 10#'s, not them

I think I'll ask for both seasons of GA for Christmas but I doubt anyone will get them for me, they all think I'm a DVD junkie as it is!
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DO IT!! I love Greys Anatomy
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OH the agony!!!!!!!!!!

You'd think having a wishlist that is 8 pages long wouuld help me decide, but it's making it worse!!!!!

Chad thinks it's hilarious- I've been debating this for two weeks!

It reminds me of a little girl I saw in the grocery store recently. Their dad was bribing them with candy to be good, so they each got to pick out a big bag of candy That little girl took about 4 minutes to decide, it was like well there's Starbursts.... hmmm... no.... chocolate, maybe?!.... coconut?.... sour?....

I feel like her! Finally she grabbed some Twizzlers since dad & bro were nagging at her to decide
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Nonono, get Grey's Anatomy so you can watch McDreamy all you want!!!
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I suggest buying a book
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I suggest buying a book
A book with lots of shirtless pictures of McDreamy
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
A book with lots of shirtless pictures of McDreamy

At first I didn't get what all the fuss about McDreamy was about.... I didn't think he was that hot! But then I started watching the show and NOW I realize!!!!!

By the way- another kink in my plans.... I found out that on Black Friday Circuit City is going to have Gray's Anatomy Season 1 on sale for only $8.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Little Mermaid too!!) I wish they had season 2 on sale also but alas... no luck!
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I wish they had Season 2 on sale on Black Friday too, but I haven't seen it so far.
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Do it!!!!!! I bought Grey's Anatomy Season 1 for $15 at Walmart.. and I it!!!!

Then I bought Grey's Anatomy Season 2,, and I lovee it even more... It's a good investment,, trust me!!!

Plus Little Mermaid could be something for later... It's not much different the video tape.. I got it for my daughter..
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