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Making the indoor transition!

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Either Pippy was cold last night or he was showing his affection but he came and sat on my lap without any coaxing or bribing! he just jumped up and cuddled down! I was very pleased but hardly moved for 45minutes but the second he heard Tony walking up the stairs he jumped off and pretended he'd never had a snuggle with mommy!

He's a funny kitty and will only show affection when there is no one about to witness it!... he will only let Tony pick him up and get cuddles even though I try! he's now starting to follow me around the flat from room to room while I clean up in the evenings and has even started joining me in the bathroom while I bath every morning and evening. And since it has got colder in the evenings... he sleeps right betwen Tony and I!

It's been the easiest transition from outdoor kitty to soley indoor even though it is something I dreaded doing when we were deciding to move home!

I'd completely recommend making the change... it's changed our relationship with him and his with us! Even my mother is amazed when she comes to visit because now he's our kitty instead of the entire neighbourhood's kitty!
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Did you change him to indoor after moving? We had two cats that didn't get along very well, and they became best snuggle buddies after we moved. I guess the territory was new and the "familiar" was each other.

How great of you to rescue this sweet kitty!

Cheers, from
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