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I love this site

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I am delighted with this site. I have alot of friends that have cats and I could talk your whiskers off about how much thse animals are so tender and cute.
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HI I love this site to.
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Thank you!
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I love this site too, but am quite frustrated with the Forums. I would like to be much more active in the forums but "The Cat Lounge" has nearly 6000 threads. Can we PLEASE have more categories????? It's great that everyone can chat about anything, but I don't necessarily want to hear about people's personal problems. Can there be a separate forum for NON cat related threads?
Would love to spend more time on this website, but 6000 threads under one category leaves me at a total loss!!!
Meghan Donovan
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The cat lounge is the place for general chit chat that is not necessarily cat related. We are a community of cat lovers and the lounge is where members of the community share things about their lives - not necessarily their cats.

If you're looking for cat related threads only, that is not the first place for you to look in . There are lots of other forums and I think that you will find tons and tons of totally cat related threads in them

And I wouldn't even try to read all of the threads in each and every forum - oh my! what an undertaking that would be !

Just go through the titles of the most recent threads is my advice!
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