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Are you a cat convert?

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Not sure if this has been done before, but who here is a cat convert?

I am. For years I was a dog person and when I got married last year and my wife and I talked about getting a pet I said that there was no way I was getting a cat. I thought they were all stuck up, had attitude problems, and avoided people and where is the fun in that. Most people's cats I had seen I perceived as this, especially my in-laws cat. That cat hates me with a passion

But, I started to change my mind because my sisters cat is the biggest mushy cat I've met, and our friend's cat is very friendly and exactly what we wanted in a cat.

Now I can't even imagine getting a dog. They make more of a mess than a cat does, you have to train them, and I guess cater to them more than a cat. With a cat you show them around the house, where the food is, where the litter is, and they almost immediately get it. They're more emotional than dogs and there's a bigger sense of satisfaction when they like you
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I am. I didn't really have a preference until I was 16. Then I started loving cats.
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I have had dogs all my life though and always will. We got Miagi in 2004 and Tiger last year and it seems like we've had them all our lives..we've never had cats before.
I couldn't imagine my life without a dog or a cat now, though. I agree dogs do make more messes, but I don't mind at all. I love them and I wouldn't be able to live without cats and dogs in the same household now that I have and love both.
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I'm a born and bred cat lover, but I also love dogs and I completely agree with your analysis about dogs being ALOT more work, I'd take 10 more cats than another dog
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I am a cat convert. I loved dogs more until I got to meet all the cats at the Humane Society when I started volunteering there last January. Cats just seem to have such a wider range of emotions. I also like a housefull & I can do that on my budget & time schedule with cats. Besides....my bed isn't big enough for 5 large dogs!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm a born and bred cat lover,
Same here; My mother always had a cat. And my grandmother usually had from one to three cats.
So I have always been a cat lover.
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Always looooovvvveeeddd cats. Do not like dogs!! never have. (Sorry dog folks)
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I'm a convert!

I grew with dogs as pets and my family didn't get their first cat until I brought a kitten home from college. They had Missy for 15 years, but since I was away and school, then out on my own, I never really got particularly close to her. It wasn't until I got my first cat, Katie, now 13, that I realized what sweet, funny, beautiful creatures they are. Now, I'll never be without one (or four)

I still love dogs, though, and would love to have one if time and space permitted it.
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Always loved cats, but have had dogs in the past too! I just seem to have a special bond with cats - adore them all (and usually get swarmed by them in the cat room when I go to the local Humane Society to drop off food or whatever)! Cats are a lot less work and a lot more fun! I mean really, will a dog chase a laser light?
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I love cats, and just got my first ones since I was 8. I love both dogs and cats! I converted my mom to cats! It took a long time to allow me to get a kitty, and I ended up with 2!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
I mean really, will a dog chase a laser light?
yes, they do. My dogs do. and I think they both are fun!
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Not me...I've always loved cats. But then, I've always loved all animals (except spiders).
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I definitly am. I couldn't stand cats until earlier this year and now we have 5 lol
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I am definately a cat convert. I have ALWAYS had dogs, my mother is not a cat person to say in the least. So when I moved out I naturally bought myself a pup. WOW did I get some serious headaches with that girl! I never though housetraining was so hard!

So after I moved into my second house, I suddenly got this crazy idea to get a cat! I actually did things right though, went out and bought all the essentials then started hunting. I specifically wanted one that resembled my old kitty, a gorgeous Siamese Mix. I ended up with a beautiful Calico instead.

I definately consider myself a cat person, mor than a dog person. I love tthat cats are so independent. I also love it that they have such a rainbow of emotions. With a dog, hes always happy go lucky tail wagging wanting to please kind of animal.

A cat doesnt give a hoot to what you think, but boy when they decide they want some loving!

Ive become such a cat person I have contacted her foster mom and have filled out an application for a 3month old "Siamese Mix"
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Growing up, I was always a dog lover. We always had a dog at home, and when I moved out into my apartment, we couldn't have dogs I was sad cuz I was going to get a small puppy. Then John's mom's cat had kittens, and I fell in love right away. That was a year ago, and then we got Davidson 5 months ago! I'm definately a cat convert - but I'm still a dog lover too
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I kind of am...I love dogs but can't own one because they are too high maintenance... Cats just sit around...usually.
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Well I'm sorry to see that no one wants to respond to this
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50% convert...I love my cats, but I still would like a dog. Whitey does fill in for that as he's easier to play a little rough with.

However I'm still not 100% sold on the litterbox. It's easier for me to shove the animal outside let them poop and let them back in. Less contact with the waste and also helps make the grass greener
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Grew up with dogs though I'm not a big fan. I really don't like them. My boyfriend and I were adopted by a cat. When I moved out, I left Skitters there and got Petunia who gave me 15 years of companionship. Now we have my husband's cat and two others who joined the family.
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hm, i dont see myself as cat person, or dog person etc, i like having animals around. One day i will get another dog, once i find one i want.
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I like dogs, but it has ALWAYS been cats for me!
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Not Me! I always loved cats, dogs, horses, bunnies... any animal with fur . But my husband is a cat convert. He never had animals until he met me, and he knew that he had to pass Sam & Patrick's test. They loved him and they were his babies too.

Now with Sarah & Max, he can't imagine life without his babies
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My husband told me on our first date that he wasn't crazy about cats - he was being polite since it was our first date. Hipster converted him over to the cat side about 17 years ago. He still claims to be a "dog-boy", but you should see him snuggling the cats (ha).

I'm a cat person who has been converted over to the dog-side. My first choice will always be cats, but dogs are big-dumb-lovable critters that will always have a place in my heart.
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
Well I'm sorry to see that no one wants to respond to this

I grew up having dogs. It was later in life that I became a cat lover I have a dog, too and love him so much. But Im really close to my cats.
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I love both! I've had great dogs and great cats in my lifetime. Dogs require a lot more attention and tho I would love to have one and so would my husband we know we work way too many hours to give a dog what it needs to be happy. The cats are our babies and well adapted to our work schedules. I did feel bad today that I worked 10 hours and the boys were very sticky when I got home. Couldn't be helped, and we've since been forgiven. My husband was all dog lover but our 12 year old tuxedo kitty Spud won him over and 1 year old Siam sealed the deal, he is Daddy's boy for sure. Someday we would love to add a dog to the family but for now we don't have the space or the time to give a dog all the attention and training that it needs.
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I have never been a dog person. They have always freaked me out. My boyfriend, Aaron, is terribly allergic to cats. It took him a good 6 months of living with my Tobee to get used to him. Now he loves him almost (I said almost) as much as I do!

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I am a convert. I never disliked cats, I had just always had dogs. After a divorce and then the kids growing up and leaving home I moved into an apartment. I know a lot of people who live in an apartment have a dog but it wasn't something I wanted to try especially since I work full time and now work 12 hour shifts. I had always had animals even as a kid though so I got a cat. Three months later I got my second kitten. I am now a cat lover.
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I guess you could say I am. I still like my dogs better. (dont tell the kitties) but I never ever liked cats before Lily came to my family as an evil little feral kitten that we were supposed to socialize and then adopt her out. Well she never exactly got managable by anyone but me so she never left. She loves me though.
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I've always loved animals- cats, dogs, birds, rabbits....you name it!
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I have always loved both but I will admit cats are alot easier.
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