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Hide & seek

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First a warning. I'm getting a 6.6 mp camera in the next week or two and will be a shutter bug for awhile.

Now, Where did Wickett go? I can't find him anywhere.Hmm...pay no attention to the black fluff sunder the blanket!

Oh, there he is!
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Awwww thats so cute. Wickett is so adorable
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Awwww so sweet!!
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AWWWWW to adorable what a sweetie
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What a sweetie!
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He's such a handsome boy!
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Thanks! Yup, his dashing good looks keep him out of trouble alot. I just can't stay mad at such a handsome boy.
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Peekaboo Wickett, i see you
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You have an excellent hiding place
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So, he's taken to doing this every night. He'll come up to me and meow untill I lift an edge of the blanket for him to burrow in. Then he'll hide in there completly covered for up to an hour or so. The only reason you can see his face is because I push the blanket back to say hello and then I have to snap a pic. Below are 3 different nights.

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