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Three and a half years at my old company. In all fairness it was the worst job I've ever had in my life, and I can't believe I lasted that long there. The job I've had now I've been at for almost a year, and I still like it a lot.
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I will hit 2 years on December 20th. Prior to that was about 1.75 years.
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I think 2 years...not too long.
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22 yrs. at 1st ,9 yrs. at 2nd, 6 yrs at 3rd-took a break for about 10 months & now am at 4th for 2 months so far-
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Just made 20 years last August. I really can't believe it since they have been threatening to lay me off for the last 20 (the first threat came at 6 months).

And they did change the company name 3 times. Really weird saying I worked for ----- for 20 years and they've only been incorporated for 5.
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10 plus years at my current job. I'm currently off on long term disability (2 years now).
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4 years while I was in school
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