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My guess: You are loving this Reeses to pieces! Such a beauty! She is without doubt in the perfect home with her rightful humans. Those pics make my day.
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What great "in air" shots! What a love your kitty is! Very cute and she seems to love her new home!
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Hi to you your wife and Reeses, good name. I get it Reeses pieces. Cool. I like that. I am Janis and am new here also. Everyone here is so friendly, helpful and kind and commassionate, first cat.....ah.....I remember that cat well. Sweetpea. Then I had, Lambchop and Squirt, then Sweetie Pie and Bandit, then came Lucky, who just went over Rainbow Bridge on the 19th of this month, and a baby, 7 weeks old, Monkey. Cats are really cool. Looks like Reeses has made herself right at home. They won't play if they don't feel safe. GREAT JOB!!!!!! Many many happy years to you all.

Happy Thanksgiving. Gotta get the turkey ready for the cats, oooh, I mean our guests.....
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[quote=ReesesPBC;1428240]Here are some more pictures. The last 3 were our attempts of catching her in mid air when she jumps a few feet off the ground during play.


I love this pic!
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Here are a few pics I posted in another thread. I finally gave up trying to get her to stop trying to get into our closet and just leave the doors open so she can climb on the shelves (I even relocated a few things for her convenience).

Yesterday I found her wedged between the very top shelf and the ceiling. She had to do a slow army type crawl to get out. How she manages I'll never know

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i love your signature!
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How sweet! My cats used to love to be in the closests too. So i gave them a whole coloset to themselves. Put a blanket up there for her on top of the shelves, she will probably sleep up there.
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