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Little Girl needs your prayers!

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A little girl named Emily needs your prayers. She is 2 years old and is in the hospital with lumps on her neck. The doctors are running tests but nothing has come back with a result of what is causing the lumps. Please send her some prayers that she comes back healthy and whatever is causing these lumps is not life threatening.
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praying for Emily....please keep her safe, heal her, and watch over her & her family....

Do you know her Brandi?
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Yes. Its my coworker's grand daughter. She is the sweetest little girl. She has the most gorgeous brown curly hair and eyes to match. I will keep you updated when I find out more.
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lots of positive {{{{{ vibes }}}}} on the way to little Emily..........and lots of for her family and friends
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I'm sending out positive thoughts!

Here is a site that gives more information on neck lumps in children

Neck lumps in children are common but rarely malignant. They are frequently representing reactive lymph node enlargement (to an infection) or a Thyroglossal duct cyst. Hopefully that's all it is in this case.

Here is another link
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Oh God Bless sweet Emily, I will keep her in my prayers
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Bless little Emily's thoughts and prayers are with her that they turn out to be nothing........
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Bless her! Sending out many prayers to little Emily and her family.
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Precious little Emily and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Poor thing. Emily and her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.
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A good update of Emily! They ran the tests for cancer and they came back NEGATIVE!!! They are keeping her until Thursday so keep praying for her!!!
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Great news .... ...................more to all and that she´ll be home very soon and all fit and well
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