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Crying Kitty

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Little Purdie who arrived 2 days ago (8 weeks old) Cries when I go to her, its quite a strong cry, not really a meow as such. If I pet her, straight away she purrs and pads, and rubs up to me.

Is there something wrong? Or is she just missing her Mum?
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she wants/needs your attention - try and provide her with a stuffeed toy to snuggle up with when you can't be there!
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She is missing her littermates and her mother. She is a little to young to be away from them and she is wondering what happened to her secure world. You can play classical music for her really low, it really helps to soothe her, and if she is confined in one room, you might think about cutting down the wattage you use in that room to softer lighting. For new arrivals, I always use night lights instead of the harsh lights I am used to.
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I had one like that once. I made him a squishy soft box, gave him a stuffed bunny and placed a ticking clock under the blanket. He liked that a lot. We also moved his bed around to wherever we were. At night he was near us, in the day in the kitchen where he could see people.
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Little Purdie (9.5 weeks) still cries Ive tried everything! I put a soft pad into her room, but she poo's and wee's on it! Its quite a heartrendering cry, not a miaow, to say hello.

Any ideas?
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Sometimes cats do cry - they are just vocal, especially when small.

However, there could be something physically unwell going on. Has little Purdie had a vet visit yet?

If not, it might be worth a quick check-up to make sure all is ok.

Are you spending time with her, playing and interacting?

Also, she is probably aware of Lucy's scent in the house. She can smell another cat but can't see one. It could be that this is causing her some distress.

Is there a blanket or toy of Lucy's she could have to enable her to identify the scent with something tangible?
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She's not had a vet check yet. As its the school holidays, I was going to take her next week, when they go back to school. Perhaps an earlier trip may be on the cards.

I have nothing left of my Lucy, it all went with her in her coffin when she died

To be honest the fact that shes toileting outside the litter tray alerts me that there may be something wrong with her. Id thought that as it was dark at night she couldnt see to her tray?

Lucy and Oscar never toileted anywhere but in their trays.

Its quite a 'violent' cry. Shes also had runny poo's, and seems to poo quite a lot too.

Ive also got huge problems with my new puppy too! She keep biting the children
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Cats can see in the dark - not in complete blackness, but their eyesight is far better than ours, and I would have thought Purdie could have found the litter tray.

Are you feeding her the same food as before you got her? A change of diet may be causing stomach problems including cramps and pain. She may also be allergic to her food.

Are you only giving her water to drink? Most cats are intollerant of milk, so if you're feeding milk that could be causing a problem. Although that's not always the case with small kittens - they will drink milk happily.

My first cat had poo problems for ages, being persian it meant almost a daily bath for him. It turned out that he did not tolerate tinned wet food - and since he's been on biscuits there has been no problem.

I would suggest you run her down to the vet. Maybe an evening appt when your husband is back to mind the kids.

I'm sorry I can't suggest anything about your puppy - I know NOTHING about dogs.
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Being also from the UK, Im sure you know Katkins food! Well, this is what Purdie was fed on!! An adult cat food! cheap, and foul!

Anyway, since ive had my Purdie Girl, Ive been feeding her on the Whiskas Kitten pouches in jelly (same I fed Lucy and Oscar, Lucy had this all through her pregnancy / feeding her kittens, hence why they are all healthy!)

I did give Purdie some Whiskas cat milk, which I stopped a few days ago, as I thought this may be causing the runs.

Lucy loved normal cows milk and cat milk, and never had the runs. I know Purdie is nothing like my angel Lucy, which is why I thought the cat milk may be causing it.

Purdie is very tiny, I dont have any good pics of her at the moment, but I will get one later.

Im phoning the vet after Ive finished working online.
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I bought one of those snuggle me kitties for Gizmo when he was a baby. Its a furry stuffed animal, that has a velcroable pouch, where you can put the heartbeat in and a heating pad inside. He loved it. I got mine from PetsMart, but am not sure if they sell them anymore.

Found the link: http://www.snuggleme.com/ And, they having ordering info for the UK!!!
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I agree with the dietary advise that Yola has given you. I just wanted to add that if you change a cat's food too quickly it can cause them to have intestional distress. It's always best to make the change gradually.

Also, since Purdie is a tiny kitten, I was wondering if the location of the litter box has anything to do with her toileting in other places. Is it possible that the litter box is too far away for her to be able to get to it in time, especially if she is having intestinal problems???????
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Sorry Ive not updated you all on this, its been so busy this week!

Purdie is fine now The runnies stopped almost as quickly as they started. I decided to stop her cat milk, and the problem has cleared up. She does however love normal cows milk, which she has a tiny bit of every other day, and its not caused any problems.

We have had her for 2 weeks now, and shes settled in very well. Emma, our dog cant stand her. She bites her all the time, but as I say to my children who think that Purdie is being hurt, that its just her defence system (the hissing and spitting) and that a cat is far better equipped than a dog, to defend itself!

Other than that, shes doing great, and is very well behaved. Shes having her first jab next week

Thanks for all the replies
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