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worried about kitties

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I am worried that they get too cold, even though they go under my neighbors mobile home at night. The low here is 48 degrees F tonight, and I picture kitties out there shivering. Do you think being under a mobile home, where there are panels, etc, keeping out the wind, and their fur will keep them warm enough? Poor babies. I wish I had the money to build them a shelter that other animals like skunks could not get into. There are many skunks around here! I wish I could take all these cats inside, but they would flip out! Do you guys think theyll be ok?
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Thank you for caring for these kitties

I don't know if you saw these links already but
Here are some good links that Katie(tnr1) posted in another thread.




If you can't find the materials needed you could try your local recycling facility
for some wood,there is always people throwing good wood away

I don't know anything at all about skunks How big are they?
I would assume they wouldn't be able to get in a box if the hole were just made big enough for the cat.
Do skunks attack cats?are they the ones that fire spikes?
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Thanks for the links and ideas.

The skunks are pretty good sized. Id say about the size of a pretty big cat. They do not shoot spikes, they spray a nasty oil that stinks to high heaven. I am not sure if they would fight with the cats, but I know they will eat the kittens. UGH
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Just read your post. ALL cats ideally should be indoors; but ferals are not habituated to being "house" cats, and the best thing for them is to be in a feral sanctuary, of which there are only very few, or to be in a monitored colony with caregivers who are committed to a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program and will feed them and get them to vets when they need it. NO skunks "shoot spikes" as they do not HAVE spikes; the poster is confusing them with porcupines, who DO have quills and who do shoot them when provoked. And NO, skunks do not "eat cats"! But if you can see your way clear to building a shelter for them and lining it with old blankets, towels, or at worst, newspaper, it would be a great kindness to them. Cats are remarkably adaptable, and live in virtually all climates; but of course, extreme cold is uncomfortable for them, as it is for us all. You may want to visit http://www.alleycat.org which is Alley Cat Allies' website for tips and information on ferals. This is the nation's largest feral cat advocacy organization.

BEST of luck and these cats are in my prayers and good thoughts, as are all cats.
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
the poster is confusing them with porcupines, who DO have quills and who do shoot them when provoked.
Thanks...We live and learn

Trixtersmomma? Sorry if I missed anything,But did you manage to get any help from anybody with trapping and having the cats neutered?
The momma cats kittens should be old enough to take them away from her by now,Is there anyway you can get under the house?
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Skunks CAN and DO eat kittens. They are easy prey. Believe it or not. I have discussed this with skunk experts who actually raise skunks as pets, etc.

I am unable right now to build a shelter. There is no way I could afford it, though I would absolutely LOVE to. A warm shelter in my yard would be perfect. I wish i could do it. They go under my neighbors mobile home, and mine, and they also have several boxes under my room, which is a travel trailer.

Unfortunately, I could not get to the other three babies Mama had. She kept moving them around, and about the time they would have been 4 weeks, there was no sign of them anymore Two of them were saved and went home, at two weeks, with a loving, caring woman who offered to nurse them.

I have been offered some help and I am still waiting to hear back from some of the people. Hopefully TNR will start asap. Mama is already pretty big preg again, and Lily is HUGE pregnant.

This is extremely hard on me emotionally. I still feel very overwhelmed, etc. I am poor. If I had the funding, transportation, etc, etc, this would already be done. I am still working on it, though, and I hope to hear back from the people who offered their help very soon.

Thank you SO much to everyone here who has offered to help. Every bit of help is VERY much appreciated.

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