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How is everyone going to spend their Monday?

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Just curious what all of ya'll will be doing tomorrow? I have 8 hours of classes tomorrow and then I have a two hour break. After that, I have to go to work till 10:30...blahhh....i'm not so fond of working full time and going to school full time. I will probably have a ton of makeup work tomorrow- i missed a ton of classes lately b/c of my GI tomorrow i'm planning on class, homework, work, and playing with the foster kittens for a bit.
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It's finally finals week...dreaded state for some, glorious state for music majors...I have one performance final down (they tend to happen earlier than regular finals), two concerts down...which leaves one small projects, one concert (wednesday) and my one and only paper and pencil final a week from Wednesday.

So, in short, tomorrow I'll be cleaning my apartment and doing that small project and practicing a bit. I also need to schedule some minor hand surgery (a pea-sized tendon sheet fibroma needs to be excised from my finger) and repairs for my flute. Monday was a huge rehearsal day for me...but those classes are over for the quarter! Hooray!
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yikes, i hope everything goes ok with your hand
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I am probably going to hang out with the furbabies and if it snows..I am going to take pictures of the dogs playing out in the snow. (of course you know that they are inside dogs, but go CRAZY for snow especially Jenny! ) and do some house cleaning...and finish putting up the fall decorations. I am probably going to take some more pictures of the kitties and dogs tomorrow, too. so be watching out for those! I hope everyone has a great Monday!
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I've already spent it working, and then going to the gym!
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I was woken up by a wrong number at 4.30 and couldn't get back to sleep, so in a few hours I will be grumpy and not worth being near.

Just work planned for today, but seen as we are awake so early, we are thinking breakfast out somewhere before work would be good
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I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 8pm. After waking up 5 times I finally got out of bed at 2:30am So I'll probably spend the day being exhausted, trying to do a bit of cleaning and taking a nap.
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Going to work today.....yuck. BUT, am glad I have the job.......gotta pay the bills ya know.......
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Work. Normal day.
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I will be working, and then off to the gym...thats about it
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For the next week I'm in training. It's a good thing and a bad thing. The good part is I don't have to be on the phones, the bad thing is that I'm not going to get as much TCS time as normal.
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I had a nice lie in, have cuddled and fed Radar, and have been on the internet. In a minute or two I'm off to work. After work at the office, I have to go to a work meeting, which will probable go on later than planned and will acheive nothing. I probably won't be home until gone midnight, by which point I am likely to be in a foul mood.
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Working! Such is my life, everyday gotta feed the babies! I'm getting off at 3 though, cause there's no OT, which is good and bad but I'll probably go home and take a nap, after I scoop litterboxes of course
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Stat hol here, so don't have to go to work. Will be voting later - municipal election day.
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I've finished work finally and am chilling out reading Epona's posts (i.e. spying ) whilst listening to music waiting for my wife to call
Got the day off tomorrow to take Radar for his neuturing
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this morning I was selling my patootie off for the United Way...tonight, I have 1 more cake to bake....a lemon poppy glased bread type thing....then, I'll be loading it all into my car!!!
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Day off today from work (woo!) Today I plan on cleaning the litter box (got one of those kinds that you roll over and all the clumps and misc. are supposed to get deposited into a pan..eager to try that). Gotta pay a bill, and I play drums so I should play a bit more today to get the kittie used to it and prepare for my lesson this week.
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Study and take a final and stay good bye to my FH
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I am at work now...blah...but I am not feeling good so I am going straight to bed when I leave here in 1 1/2 hours....
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Stayed up late, got up at 9:10, checked 6he websites, sent my sister grocery list, watched THE VIEW, ate lunch, going to take nap.
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Working until 5. Then going home and getting ready to go out with Brian and one of my friends. It's a dinner and a movie kind of thing, except its short films played on a theater size screen while you sit and have dinner. Sounds like fun to me.

Then its home to straighten my apartment and play with Anya.
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Nothing too special today - got up, cleaned the apartment...vacuumed/picked up John's messes from the weekend/did dishes/scooped litterboxes- and played with Harley & Davidson. Took a few more cute pictures of them while they were cuddling and sleeping Took lunch to John, and now I'm thinking about taking down the Halloween/Fall decorations and putting up my winter/Christmas stuff. I might be going home all next week for Thanksgiving, so I'd like to have it all up by time I leave. Plus I'm doing some major Christmas shopping this week and would like to have all the presents under the tree instead of sitting around the apartment.

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