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Kitty & Thumper

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I finally figured out how to post pictures!!! I wanted to share 2 of my 4 babies with you all. Are they so not in love with one another??? Thumper was born with a clubbed foot, as you see it in the picture but she does so well, has anyone ever seen or heard of anothe cat with a clubbed foot? Thanks so much for all the help I have received on this site!!!!!
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Kitty and Thumper are so precious! I just love that picture, adorable!!
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Awwwww Kitty and Thumper are adorable! Thumper has the most uniquely beautiful coloring... Cant wait to see your other 2 babies.
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That pic is so cute, I've never heard of a cat with a clubbed foot. Bless her little heart
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oh my goodness! what complete sweethearts!
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I used to have a cat whose front paw was clubbed, and we don't know if he was born with it or if he got hit by a car or something, but we had to get it amputated. But what a beautiful pair you have there!
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They are gorgeous!!!
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Look at those gorgeous little love bugs

I'm sure we have another member here with a cat with a club foot?!
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That's cute!
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Aw, how cute! looks like Kitty wants the spotlight!
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They look absolutely precious sleeping like that.
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