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infection in leg!!!

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Hello all....my Oscar Madison must of had a fight. When he came home with out his collar( bought about 6 in the last year!!..the safety ones that come off easy) I knew something was up because he was limping a little. Long story short he is doing otherwise well, eating normal and all. His leg is swollen and I can see where the wound is. I ordered online some Clavamox liquid today. Has anyone used this before and does anyone have an opinion on what to do? As I said he is otherwise being his normal self. I have been keeping him in at night and trust me he would rather be outside in his insulated cat house I bought for him, but I make him stay in!!!! He is walking on the leg but if he is sitting he will leave it up a little. Thanks for any insight you can give me....Cynthia
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I wouldn't give anything to my kit without consulting a vet...But thats just me..Hopefully your baby is alright
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Hi it could be a abcess. If so it needs to be drained. My sisters cat had one and she took him to the vet and they just squeezed all the junk out of it. And gave him a shot of pencillien. He was fine in just a few days.
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Your cat needs to be seen by a vet, Often just a antibiotic won't do it. Sometimes if its a abcesse it needs to be drained or debrided. And it will take a few days for the med to get to you if you just have ordered it. The infection will get much worse.
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I concur about taking to vet-you don't know if this other cat was vaccinated or carries diseases that could affect your cat. Plus the abcesses (I've dealt with them) should be seen by a vet.
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