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I think Kidd is depressed

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I might be way off on this, but I really think Kidd is depressed.
If you've read my posts about him on the "caring for stray and ferral" board you know his whole story.

If you haven't here's the short version.
We just bought a house in a new neighborhood a few months ago.
We'd lived here three days when I saw Kidd...a pure white male cat.

I started talking to the neighbor who had been feeding him and found out that he just showed up a year ago in June as a very small kitten...she assumed at the most he was 2 months old then.

There are two other stray male cats that she feeds and he wouldn't go anywhere near them, if they so much as hissed at him he'd run and hide...he never sprayed..almost like he didn't have a clue how.
Anyway he's the sweetest little guy...so after talking to my Husband we decided to bring him in with our other three cats...they are all females.

Brought him in a week ago today...he went to the Vet Wednesday for testing and to be neutered.

Ever since he was neutered he seems depressed.
He's eating, but not as much as before he was neutered...uses the litter box fine and the girls don't have a problem with him at all, in fact they ignore him.
I don't know if he's upset because they won't have anything to do with him, or if he was happier being outside, or if the neutering has upset him.
I know this is out there, but I read that sometimes Women get depressed after a Hysterectomy and Men sometimes get depressed after a Vasectomy.
Could neutering a male cat cause him to be depressed?

We've been keeping him in a room separted from our other cats...he comes out everyday and everyday for longer periods of time, could he be depressed because he's not around someone 24/7?
I don't think that's it because when he was a stray he wasn't always with someone.

We would just let him out of the room all of the time if we could, but two of our females aren't spayed...they have breathing problems from time to time and I've had three different Vets tell me that it's more risky to spay them than to leave them unspayed...and I've read that even after a Male is neutered they can still be fertile for up to four weeks....and if it's too risky for Gracie and Lizzie to be spayed I WILL NOT take the chance of them getting pregnant.

So after I wrote the great American novel, does anyone think it's possible for a Male cat to get depressed after he's neutered?
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post

So after I wrote the great American novel, does anyone think it's possible for a Male cat to get depressed after he's neutered?
Not because he was neutered but probably because he is in a seperate bedroom from the rest of the munch. It sounds like you have to do it though with unspayed females though for a month or so. Plus sometimes cats get lazier after being altered, and they develop the spay sway cuz sometimes they eat too much too. I bet he will be fine when he is allowed out of the room again like normal.
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Thanks Jen.
I sure hope he gets back to his old self after he's out of the room full time.

He was out with the other cats from noon until about 8:30 tonight.
He looked around the house for awhile, sat in the window and watched outside, then sat down in front of the TV and watched football with my Husand..now that was funny...he's fasinated by the TV!!!
Then he went and peed in one of the girls litter boxes...then he slept under our bed for about three hours.
Then he bathed himself in the kitchen for awhile.
Now he's sleeping in his room and if I go in he yawns at me and he'll bat at my fingers if I wiggle then at him.

I guess I just thought that since he's only a year and a half old that he'd be a little wild man!
I suppose since it's only been a few days since his operation he might still be feeling a little pain from that.
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Well, about 20 minutes after I posted this Kidd decided that he wasn't depressed anymore.
I went into his room to talk to him and he jumped up on my lap and decided I needed a bath, then he thought it would be a wonderful idea if he picked up his blanket and drag it across the room then pick it up in his teeth and fling it at me...run over grab it take it back across the room and fling it at me again.
When he got tired of that, the spounge ball was the next thing he was throwing around the room.
This morning when I went in he rolled over on his back so I could rub his belly.

Maybe he just still wasn't feel all that great after his surgery, because he sure seems to be fine now.

I know I've promised to take pictures of all four babies, but the digital is dead so I'm just going to take pictures with the regular camera and I'll but them on a disc and then TRY to figure out how to post them!
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He sounds like a riot! I think you're lucky to have him... he's just laid back (when he not being goofy!).
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He is a riot.
He's out in the main part of the house right now, but before he'd leave his room he had to grab his blanket and bring it out with him.

He was trying to get Gracie to play with him and his blanket, but she just walked away from him as if to say "I have better things to do with my time"

So now him and my Son are playing fetch with the blanket!
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