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My Laura

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Laura is my sweet, loving girl that helps out Easy with all the family grooming

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Pam, she has the sweetest face!!! What a doll
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so the first picture of her
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What a baby doll!
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Oh Laura...
You are a beautiful girl.
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She's gorgeous And she has a great name!!
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Oh I love the little streak down her nose! My neighbor has a kitten with a white streak so I call him/her Streak, but her name is Violet...

Violet/Streak was born to a ferral cat my neighbor feeds. She has been able to adopt out all the kittens and kept Violet. (I'm not sure if she's been able to get mama to be spayed...mama is pretty ferral I think.) Well, the last time we talked, she had named the kitten Violet, but we both thought 'Violet' seemed to be developing some "golden nuggets." I know the kitty is fixed now, I just havnt talked to her to see what she ever found out!
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Laura, what a beautiful face you have! Such a pretty girl.
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My what big eyes you have!! she's a lovely girl
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
My what big eyes you have!! she's a lovely girl
Thanks everyone, shes my baby girl!

All my cats have big eyes ..... I always tell Ducky, " your all eyes and whiskers"
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she's such a doll face!
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Laura what a gorgeous sweet face you have
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She's a gorgeous girl!
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Thank you everyone! I need to post her in the breeders forum and ask what color she is. She has a rainbow of colors and completely different from the rest of my babies. Shes a real sweetheart.
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What a cute little (posing) girl
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Your pretty girl looks like a tortoiseshell tabby.
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Laura is a very, very, pretty girl!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Laura what a gorgeous sweet face you have
She sure does!!!
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