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I word of advice to those getting married...

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For our wedding reception, we put disposable cameras out on the tables for guests to take pictures. We had 40 that were put out and we just got them developed.

A word of advice if you're going to do this - first of all, limit how many you have out depending on how many guests you have (we had 95 people total in attendance, 40 was waaaay too many). Secondly, if you can be selective about who you give them to, DO IT! We had many that little kids ran off with and the pictures aren't worth anything. And we had A LOT at family tables where they just took stupid shots of each other and we really don't care about them...most are being thrown away.

Just thought I'd pass this along - it was a great idea and we got some wonderful shots from them...but the majority of those shots were from people at the head table's cameras.
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At weddings I've been to, there's usually one per table! And yes, there are a lot of shots that you wouldn't want, but a lot of candid photos that are priceless!
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Any wedding I have been to where they do that...people always take lewd pics of their butts and stuff..I don't know if I would do that camera thing..although in theory it seems like a good idea, I wouldn't want to see any lewd pics..LOL
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Some friends of ours did this and didn't get many cameras back! Maybe the guests thought they were party favors, who knows.

Cheers, from
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Some friends of ours did this and didn't get many cameras back! Maybe the guests thought they were party favors, who knows.

Cheers, from
That happened when my brother got married. They only got about 5 of the 12 cameras back as everyone thought they were "souvenirs". Some they got back and pictures of people in the bathroom...
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I've never been to a wedding that had disposable cameras, but in my mind they are there for those who may have forgotten their camera. I would use it to take photos of the bride/groom/wedding and take the camera home to develop the film myself for my own photo album.

If you are wanting to have guests take pictures using disposable cameras, then I would suggest having them behind the bar and having the DJ or best man or someone else, announce that disposable cameras are available for those who wish to take wedding shots for the bride and groom, and a reminder to have them leave the camera on the table before they leave.

Without clear instructions people are going to interpret things in their own manner.
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Well for us, I made stickers we put on the cameras that said "We invite you to share our special day with us - please leave the cameras on the table when you're done."

We got a lot of great shots of family we didn't get to see that much during the party, but yikes, a lot of horrible shots - kids taking up-close shots on their face 50 times, random pictures of the ceiling, etc. Really stupid shots that just waste our time and money in the end. I appreciate the nice shots we got, but they were few and far between - we plain threw out a few of them because people took pictures of the walls, and on some cameras we only got one or two shots that were any good. We spent $75 to develop all of them and about $60 to purchase them in the first you can understand why we're upset with it.
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A friend of mine had the same problem. He said it jsut wasn't worth it. He got around 50 shots of them cutting the cake, none of them as good as what the photographer shot.
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Thanks, I was thinking about doing this, but I don't think I'll spend the extra £££ now. You saved me money

I am having a photographer, hopefully a videographer too and I will put a polaroid with my guest book too. I think that should cover it!

I'm sorry that you had some rubbish pics though
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we put out disposable cameras and I am so pleased we did.

We had 1 per table and I think we had about 10 tables. Sure we got alot of bad ones but also some brilliant ones AND I treasure these photos. You dont get to spend much time with guests one on one during the reception and these photos give me a endless reminder of all the people that were there to share our special day.

I think its a great idea but just limit how many you provide and be prepared that you will get some that are worthless BUT you will get some that are priceless.

just my 2 cents worth
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We put 1 disposable camera on each table and it worked out really well for us.
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I don't know if we got all of our cameras back, but I don't regret having them out. I guess most of the people we invited were more tame or something. My brother was being goofy, but he actually got a really good shot of he and I that my mother framed. I actually had a few people take the cameras to be developed for me and then gave me the pics.
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We had disposible cameras, too. Most of the pictures were pretty bad, but we did get a few really good shots. The best ones, though, were of my brother. He went around to all of the tables and took a "self-portrait" with each of the cameras. So when we got them developed, each camera had this goofy close-up of my brother.
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We did that at our wedding too. Got alot of great pics and funny and some very ummm well unmentionable pics so to say. Some one thought it would be funny to take pics of some parts of there body with the pics. So we felt kind of stupied when we went and got them developed atleast the people that developed couldnt stop laughing and giving us looks. But when we got in the car and looked at the pics we knew why were were getting the laughs and looks
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