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What do you feed your cat(s)?

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I just wanted to know what everyone here feeds there cats? What brand? Do you feed canned and dry, one or both?

Thank you!
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I feed Nature's Menu and Hi-Life pouches (2 pouches per day) and free-feed Science Plan, although I'm in the process of switching that to James Wellbeloved
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Reilly and Sydney eat both wet and dry food.

I feed them Royal Canin dry, and Merricks & Wellness for wet.
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Right now I'm feeding Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul, canned and dry. Eve is doing awesome on it, but Lily is still having a few gas problems so I'll be switching soon. Vet wanted to wait a month. I think I'll be trying Nutro Natural Choice dry and California Natural Chicken and Rice canned because Eve will probably like it more than Nutro canned.
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My cats and dogs are on Innova Evo, dry food only.
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one cat eats canned and raw

one cat is in transition on dry foods ( eagle packmixed with natural choice ) to felidea chn and rice plus whatever canned and raw she wants

dog is one mostly raw with wet 1-2 days a week

They get a variety of canned from many makers
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A big variety, which changes every 2 or 3 months. Currently Natural Balance, Serengeti Felid, and Solid Gold (with some Eukanuba lamb & liver thrown in) dry in the morning, and canned Almo natural, Schesir, Miamor Fine Fillets, GreenFish (all European), Solid Gold, Eagle Pack Holistic (American) and Ziwi Peak (New Zealand) in the evening.
Felidae and Nutro dry will be "rotated back in" within the next few weeks.
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I have Gizmo on Chicken Soup for the cat lover's soul, dry. He's been on that since September and is doing well on it. And for wet, California Natural, nutro and occasionally Fancy Feast.
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I feed a variety of raw meats, bones and organs to my cats. I usually feed chicken, turkey, beef, duck, pheasant or pork. They get fed tripe, chicken feet, everything!

I feed my foster cats a high quality dry food such as Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Wellness, by Nature, Chicken Soup, etc along with raw meat and/or a high quality canned food (usually Chicken Soup.)
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I'm feeding Twitch & TigerLily: Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken or Nutro Adult dry. When Twitch's gums get inflammed, she gets Eukanuba Indoor. Wet they get MAX cat cans, Solid Gold Blended Tuna, Nutro pouches, ProPlan cans, Meow Mix pouches/cups, Merrick, & Innova EVO.
Damita(food allergies): Science Diet z/d...switching to Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea soon!!!
Ophelia(crystals): Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken dry. Iams Chicken or Beef canned & Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Canned.
Dorian: whatever dry he can scarf down. Katz-N-Flocken, Nutro, a little Felidae. He also gets whatever canned he wants. He usually shares a little of everyone else's. Can you tell he's a mooch?
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Both of my cats love California Natural dry. Emily won't touch any wet. Chessy eats Meow Mix wet and Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys wet. I'm still looking for a better wet that he likes.
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Gizmo eats Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner and (sometimes) Natural Balance fish in cans. But she prefers dry kibble.
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My cats are raw fed, unless I forget to thaw in which case they get high quality canned (Wellness or EVO is predominantly what I've got on hand)
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I feed my two cats Purina: indoor formula dry food and i feed my dog Pedigree: Senior formula, i was feeding him Alpo wet food but it started giving him diarria so we just have him on dry now.
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I feed mine Felidae Chicken and Rice, and canned food snack twice a day, just something that doesn't have fish in it, as one of mine gets a bladder infection when she eats fish . I am really pleased with the results, especially as 3 out of 4 of my cats are seniors, and they look better than they ever have!
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and Premium Edge. Wow, that is great, almost everyone who has posted feeds really good quality brands of food. That is great!
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My cats eat primarily dry. IAMS Multicat and Royal Canin mixed. Every 1-2 days they split a can of Nutro. I've found out the hard way that they have to stay on this diet for Jake's sake. The vet thinks his 40+ % body weight loss and then the fatty liver was because of an inflammed bowel from a diet change (even though I did it VERY slowly) and stress from temporarily having a kitten around. Guess he just has a very sensitive stomach.
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I free feed Chicken soup dry and then my kitties get wet food for "dinner" everyday, half eat Meow Mix pouches/cups and the other half I managed to get to eat Wellness or Innova
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My girls free-feed Timberwolf Organics, with whatever canned food I manage to get them (most of the time I only concern myself with buying the dry, and I'll forget to pick up some cans of wet food or raw meat)
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Dry they get Royal Canin, Innova Evo, California Natural and Wellness.

Wet Solid Gold and I just found a Fancy Feast they will eat, which I dont like, but I dont want them SG tuna everyday.
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Iams wet and dry kitten food and whiskas kitty milk
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Nutro Natural Complete Care dry, free fed.
Friskies (yuck! the only canned they'll touch) wet.
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Royal Canin Sensible & Persian mixed with Innova Evo for dry (my cats get bored with their food quickly mixing high quality dry is my way from stopping them from getting bored) free feed. Barf for wet, 1 cube each daily. Angel Sashimi salmon for treats!
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I make my own raw food to the cats.
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Where can I try out cans of higher quality wet food if there are no independent pet stores near me? I don't want to order from petfooddirect.com because it appears you can only buy a case at a time, not individual cans, and I don't want a case of something that's not going to be eaten. Thanks!
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I am having to stick with what the breeder had the kitty on - so its whiskas kitten/felix kitten wet and royal canin kitten for dry.

I am changing the dry to James Wellbeloved kitten, and have various high quality wet foods to try.
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Where can I try out cans of higher quality wet food if there are no independent pet stores near me? I don't want to order from petfooddirect.com because it appears you can only buy a case at a time, not individual cans, and I don't want a case of something that's not going to be eaten. Thanks!

Do you have any big box stores near you??? High quality wet can be had there ( wet is easier than dry )
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All 3 of my cats eat dry food, and the brand/type tends to change when I buy the next bag. Usually Nutro, Purina, or Meow Mix. If I'm tight on cash I'll buy whatever I can afford.
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My cats eat Royal Canin special 33. I offer one can of food a day most of the cats wont eat it.
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My new kitty gets Royal Canin for Maine coons. which she seems to love. She's lost a little weight with the spaying ordeal, so I'm supplementing with half can of Purina Fillet that she likes too. I may continue to do both to give her variety.

What is considered the best food out now days?
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