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Litter Question

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Has anyone tried the clumping litter "Litter Locker"? I've always used clay litter & completely cleaned the pan every day or every other day. I would like to switch to a clumping litter so I don't have to clean the pan so often. Supposedly you can just put the clumps of litter into this "litter locker" & they drop to the bottom & u empty it when it's filled. I read some reviews that say there is no smell but they may be from the people who make this product. Has anyone tried this product?
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Welcome! I haven't used it, but it looks like it works like a Diaper Genie.

Clumping litter is the only way to go, IMHO. I just scoop out the clumps before I take the trash out twice a day, and then it's out of the house. The Litter Locker looks like a good idea, though, when we are out of town and have a cat-sitter.

Cheers, from
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hi, welcome to tcs! i've never tried the kitty locker myself, but I have heard several other members singing it's praises/ I use clumping litter myself- Arm & Hammer Multi Cats- it works wonderful!
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Is it the Tidy Cat stuff you're talking about?? I think its called Tidy Lock?

If so, yes! Love it. I prefer that now as it really reduces the smell of the cat litter...although that can be a bad thing as lack of smell means you forget to clean it as often.
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I wouldn't use anything but clumping litter! I tried something different than was light and fluffy nd the cats wouldn't use it! Anyway, my dream is to get one of those machines that clean the litter every time the kitties use it! They'd probably be afraid of it though and refuse to use it! Loki has been known to claw his way into a new box of litter and use it before it hits the pan if he doesn't like what's in there, so I don't experiment anymore!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Is it the Tidy Cat stuff you're talking about?? I think its called Tidy Lock?

Nope, there is actually a "diaper genie" type trash can (has a plastic liner, you put the clumps in it, and when it's full, it's all sealed up, and you throw the bag away . I'm afraid I just use a cheap, large ziplock, unless I forget to clean it for a while, and then I get out the big trash can bag. I thought about getting one, but with having a diaper pail to change too...

BTW, I love the Tidy Cats too!
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We have a Litter Locker and highly recommend it
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I have the litter locker and I love the concept.....

However i have 3 cats and the bag fills up really fast for me.
I would be in love with it if I had one cat but with 3 I need more capacity.
I think for me anyway I would rather have an actual diaper genie because it would hold more. I just waste the bag refill because I have too much waste for one twist of the handle thingy but not enough to fill it up twice so its kinda wasteful. If I only had one or two cats it would be fabulous so it all depends on how many cats you have.

It does keep all the smell in though you certainly would have NO IDEA there was 2 weeks worth of poop and pee in there by walking in the room and its a small laundry room too so thats fantastic!!!
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