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A New Addition To Our Big Cat Family!!!!

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Here is our new baby boy. He is a Snowshoe like Mimi. We haven't picked a name for him yet. He is just 7 weeks old in these pictures! He is very frisky and friendly and loves our other cats! If you have any suggestions on names for him please feel free to name your heart out! His sister is living with my friend and she needs a name too. I will post her picture very soon! ENJOY!!

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He is so cuuuutteeeee!!!! How about Mickey or something like that will be similar to Mimi?
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Thanks for the suggestion, Tigger!
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Oh he is a little doll-face! Hmmmm, names...I'm always so bad at this. I'll think on it and get back with ya!
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He's so cute! What about

Mr. Miggins
Dink (or Dinky)

When you finally name him, you'll let us know, right?
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What a little cutie! Looks like he likes to get his picture taken...how about Nikon? (as in the camera)
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If he were my cat, I'd name him Hanes, because he looks like he's wearing ankle socks. But a lot of people don't share my sense of humor and wouldn't think of naming their kitty after an underwear company, lol.
Congrats on the new addition.
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What a sweety! I like the name soot as he looks like he has been playing in a fireplace!
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I came up with charcoal for the same reason, but Soot is much better!
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Ok, we've decided to name him...Hercules! He's such a crazy little boy! And all the kitties like him, nobody hissed at him, but he hissed at Mimi.
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I love mythical names! Will you call him Herc for short? If his sister also wants to be mythical Aphrodite or Athena are good choices!
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We figured out what we'll call him for short yet:tounge2: We think his sisters name is porbably gonna be Xena
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He is SO adorable!!! Where did you get him? I like the name you picked out!
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My friend got 2 snowshoes and he gave me one I'm not sure about where he got them though.
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how many cats do you have?
can you post some stories about them for us? I LOVE hearing cat stories.
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We have 11 cats... 3 live with one of our friends.I know that sounds crazy but they all get playtime and loves from all of us. They are all happy cats!

I'll tell you a little about my cats!

Twinkles- Our 9 year old female calico. She is slowing down quite a bit now so she only plays with string and feathers. Twinkles hates the carpet so much she has to jump to the nearest shelf or T.V. She likes to go outdoors and lay in the grass with Vader. She is a very nice cat and loves everyone!

Tigger- is our 2 year old male orange tabby. Tigger is huge! He weighs 18 pounds and lives for chicken. Tigger loves to play with catnip mice and catnip itself. Tigger survived when he was run over. He grew up and seems healthier than ever. We call him our "Miracle Cat". Tigger also loves the outdoors still. He doesn't go out on the road like he used to. He also loves everyone and gives us all love bites on our noses!

Peppurr- Our 1 year old male DSH Black and White. He is also very big. I think he weighs around 16 pounds. Peppurr loves to play with everything, especially wand toys. He likes to go outside and sit on the porch swing once in a while. He is to afraid to leave the yard.Peppurr likes women better than men. He gives all of us females loves, paying no attention to the men whatsoever. He is a handsome, friendly dude!

Vader- Our 1 year old male Siamese Black DSH cross. He is pretty petite for a male only weighing about 10 pounds. Vader loves catnip. He gets his head in the bowl and tips it over all over the floor! He likes beef, chicken and Whiskas Temptations Treats. Vader goes outside into our big cherry tree and watches the birds everyday!

Mimi- Our 1 year old female Snowshoe. She is a perky, playful cat that loves to be around people. She loves humans so much. Mimi likes to play with feathers and her laser toy. She chases Vader around the house all the time. Mimi is a very tiny cat. Mischief is 4 months ols and is already heavier than Mimi. She is our special girl!

Majesty- Our 3 year old female Marbled Bengal. We were reading the paper one day when we came across this ad "Free loving cats to good homes. Some Bengals etc." I had to call. I was told to go there the very next day to pick my Bengal. I chose Majy because she looked like she wanted to come with me. She did have a beautiful brother who was a creamy color like the snows, but his marble pattern was black. Majy has made me so much happier. She warmed up to the family now she owns us. She like to go outside and sleep on the porch with Peppurr! Majy truly is a wonderful and perfect addition for us!

Hercules- Our 7 week old male Snowshoe. Herc is a baby doll. He sleeps like a teddy bear, and plays like a madcat! He has this little ball that he chases all night long. He is a non stop cat, with the purrfect attitude

Mischief- Our 4 month old female grey tabby. She is very big for her age. She weighs 6 or 7 pounds already! She loves to beat up hercules. She also loves to eat Eat Eat!That's her ultimate favorite. She is a little bit active, with her weight she can't jump up very high so she just sleeps by the food bowl instead. Mischief like to go for walks aoutdoors. She'll walk acouple feet and then plop down on the grass and roll around. She is a very friendly, special girl!

Xena- Our 7 week old female Snowshoe. As you all know, Xena is Hercules' sister. I take Herc over to Xenas to play. Xena is a pouncing, bouncing ball of joy. She like to play with sparkle balls and feathers. Xena is very skittish when you try to pick her up. She only likes attention when she wants it. She is a precious doll!

Felix- Our 1 year old male DSH Black and White. Felix is unique because he has a half tail. He was born this way and he seems to get around fine without a full tail. His balance is awesome. Felix likes to play with this laser toy we bought him a while ago. He also loves mouse toys. Felix is special.

Spaz- Spaz is our one year old male DSH Brown Tabby. He is a very weird cat. He hates to eat anything that doesn't have fish in it. Very Picky! He is very tiny and thin. Spaz enjoys cleaning himself and playing with his feather toys. Spaz is a love!

Woo! That took a while, but I hope you enjoyed it!!!
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