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Sabina at 6 months

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I was reminded that it has been awhile since I shared any new Sabina pictures. At least ones where she's not wearing a costume! She's gotten so big! At six months, she weighs a whopping 9.5lbs She looks like a full grown cat, so I sometimes forget she's really just a baby

Here are some recent pictures:

Enjoying her new cat tree. She has it all to herself, JinJin will have nothing to do with it:

Here's one showing the size of her paws...they're ginormous!

Here is one I took just the other day. It is my absolute favorite:
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Those are great photos, she is beautiful
I like the holding hands one.
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She's lovely!!! Very photogenic!
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OMG she is sooo gorgeous(sorry bout the spelling)! All those pictures are beautiful, and her eyes you can get lost in them !!!!
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what wonderful photos...............she certainly knows how to pose
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Wow, she's just beautiful! I love her eyes!
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Oh my gosh!!, she's beautiful! I can't believe she's only 6 months old!
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She is absolutely gorgeous! and big! I can't believe the size of her paws!!!
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What a stunning cat!Her eye color I love!
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Oh my! She's beautiful! Those eyes are incredible...
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Kelly, she's unbelievable, how do you not just want to squeeze her all day? Is she affectionate? Are Sabina and Jin Jin getting along at all yet?
I could stare at her all day
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That really puts her size into perspective. WOW!

She reminds me of those soft squishy fuzzy teddy bears that you love to squeeze and squeeze!
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She has really grown into a beautiful cat. We definitely need more pictures of her.

And to repeat the question again, how is JinJin doing in all of this?
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Oh my goodness she is so stunning! She has the sweetest face and those eyes! She would be able to give me one look and I wouldnt be able to resist giving her everything she ever wanted!
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Oh my!! She is gorgeous - those eyes are beautiful

Those paws! They are so big! She must be related to my boys
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She is so gorgeous, oh and those big fluffy paws and those green eyes

Kelly, if she ever disappears, I have her!
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She is beautiful. She is gonna be big too!
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Are you sure she's only 6 months old?! Those paws are huge!! Sabina is absolutely gorgeous Kelly. Good thing you don't live near me... I'd have to catnap her!
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WOW, what a gorgeous girl! Lovely pics, Mum. I love that last one, too. It's one of those classic shots -- you don't need to know the subject to appreciate the beautiful photo.
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Kelly she is just stunning, such beautiful eyes. The pictures are beautiful I can't imagne how beautiful she will be when she gets older. And to think she's probably not all the way filled out
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she's such a pretty girl!
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Wow, she's beautiful Kelly and I love that last photo! She's almost 10 pounds already at 6 months?!? I just want to snuggle in all that fur and stare into those gorgeous eyes.
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Sabina is such a gorgeous girl...
and not full grown.
Keep the pictures coming...
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that is one big kitty! I forget, what breed is she? I absolutely cannot get over that eye color!
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She is absolutely stunning! I think we'd all volunteer to kitty sit her for ya! I'm jealous...
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She is a beauty! I bet she has to beat off all the neighbor hood boy cats
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What amazing green eyes!!!
She takes great pictures!
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She's GORGEOUS. I love love love her eyes. Just stunning.
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