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Feral Kitties and experiences

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Well I have taken in feral kitties before, my little brat bella was feral (we think that she was abandoned) We took her to the vet to get her fixed and it turns out that she was already fixed. I know she doesnt like dogs and well after we brought her in, she did gain alot of weight the vet thinks that she was about a year old and then she told me from the time we went to get her fixed and the next time for shots, she told me my cat got overweight I was a little mad seeing that she was skinny and she gained 1-2lbs within the first few weeks we had her. But she is really good she tries to get to know the other cats and the outdoor cat midnight she absoluetly adors and the other one willie wont let any other cat in this house near him, but he likes cats when he is outside! All my cats are fixed, my brother however has seen this mother cat and her kittens and now when we went to the vet for my kitten some lady traps feral cats to get them fixed and so we gave the number to my brother but there still hasn't been any luck, same with by my grandma's house! I can't believe that people can get cats adn throw them out ecspecially pregnant ones, and also they get a cat and dont get it fixed. What is wrong with people these days? If they aint going to take care of the cat or cats dont get them its as simple as that, but instead people get them then get rid of them for the stupidist reason and it just makes me made! Argh!!! But ya my experiences with feral cats are generally good, when we first brought bella here she was a little testy sometimes ecspecially if she didnt know you it was easy getting her too becasue my mom had cat food in the car and she just jumped right in. But if you get a feral cat MAKE SURE you take it to the vet right away to get tested for diseases and such and also to get fixed. And if you are catching them to get them fixed then good for you, that makes me happy seeing people do things. I would do it but I get toooo attached way to easy to animals lol !
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I'm so glad your rescues have worked out so well.

Of course, being a site for education about all aspects of cats, we definitely promote spay/neuter!

Hope the lady your brother is working with has luck trapping those kitties!

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