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Transfer Factor

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I have mentioned on numerous postings about my cat rescue. Often I am at our local animal shelter and have only those cats/kittens very sick transfered to my Vet for medical help. Once well (usually 3-4 weeks) they come to my house (foster) and we look for that special family for each cat. Obviously their immune system has now been severly compromised. I have seen a couple postings about this supplement and wonder where you purchase it. When feeding wet food, I have a shaker container of Lysine which is placed on the food which assists in keeping the Herpes Virus to a minimum (with their eyes). I feel Transfer Factor would be an added bonus to get my little ones on the mend.

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I do someone a while back was using it ... Do you know how to do a search on this site??
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I use Transfer Factor. It worked miracles on my Jake when he had Lupus (autoimmune). See the Jake's Story link below. You can order transfer factor directly. I have a link on my website. I'll go find it and post it for you. You have to sign up as a distributor but there are no requirements. You can just buy for yourself.
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Here is the link to the TF page of my website. If you look at the bottom of the page it has ordering information to order yourself. I get no gain from this it just goes directly to the 4LIfeResearch product page. There is a lot of information on that page and also an article from the DVM magazine.

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