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Cat allergic to cats?

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My sister has had one of her toms for 8 years and only a couple of years ago adopted a stray that had been hanging around her house for a long time. She checked around and he didn't belong to anybody, so she took him to the vet who gave him a clean bill of health and she kept him. But a few days or so after she brought Peach into the house, her first tom, Romeo, started to lose the fur in patches on his face. She took him to the vet who examined him and said that Romeo was allergic to cats! Is this even really possible? He's been off and on prescribed meds (steroids) for it, and his fur will grow back when he's on them, but will lose it again when he's taken off of them.

Can cats be allergic to cats? Or is it more likely a virus of some kind that Peach carried?
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Are you sure that's not ringworm?

You don't want to keep that other cat on steroids for too long. Serious internal damage can result.

I'd get another opinion from another vet.
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I dunno if cats can be allergic to cats, but there is a member here whose cat was allergic to her dog!
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Are you sure that's not ringworm?

You don't want to keep that other cat on steroids for too long. Serious internal damage can result.

I'd get another opinion from another vet.
I'm not sure that it's not ringworm. That Romeo was just allergic to cats was what the vet said, but that doesn't really make sense because their owner has had other cats before and Romeo never had a reaction to them. They never keep him on steroids for very long, just when it's really bad and until it clears up, I guess.
I'll suggest a visit to a diff vet to her, definitely. ty!!
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Yeah, him being allergic to cats seems like an off-the-wall thing to happen, but I suppose anything is possible... *shrug* It just seems unnatural, because if he was allergic to cats wouldn't he break out everytime he licked himself? But then wouldn't he have built up an immunity to it and it not bother him?
He's healthy in every other way, not very active, but he's starting to get on in years. He used to be a really really mean cat, and tried to kill my 10 year old queen once, but he calmed down once my nephew was born.. I'm just worried because I really like him, and I don't want my sister to have to put him down or something like that.
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I do have a Sphynx cat that is allergic to cats with hair. She is allergic to the hair. But I dont know about a hair cat beening allergic to a hair cat. Does the two cats have different types of hair?
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nope, they're both DSH.
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Ya but all cats are unique and have certain amounts and types of fur, dander, saliva, etc. It could be possible but I have never heard of it.

I would usually relate something like hair loss to ringworm, fleas, food, I wouldn't never have thought allergies to another cat. What do you feed your cat? Many times hair loss is result of an allergy to certain ingredients in FOOD.
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I'm not sure what brand/type Romeo's owner feeds him, other than it's dry (big help, i know). Next time I see her I'll ask if she's tested Romeo for ringworm. We don't have fleas in our area because it gets too hot and dry for them, but of course that doesn't mean they couldn't have been brought here and adapted! Peach's history is unknown because he was just a stray kitten when she found him. I think she said that her mother-in-law was going to take Romeo for a while to see if he really is allergic to Peach.
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Cats CAN be allergic to cats, they can also be allergic to dogs. It's all in the dander, and some cats can be hyper sensative. He doesn't have to be allergic to himself to be allergic to other cats.

The only thing I can think of other than him being allergic to the other cat would be food. Ringworm would not react to steroids, if anything it would get worse because the immune system could be down. However, a food allergy would react to steroids.

Did she actually have a blood test drawn? The vet can draw blood to determine just how much the cat may be allergic to other cats, and could also show that the cat is allergic to other things, it can also tell you where to go from here based on the results. Blood tests aren't 100% accurate, but an allergist told me that even if the numbers are low, the animal is still very much allergic and the next step would be to do a tissue test.
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I'm not sure if she had a blood test done, but I'm definitely going to talk with her about what's been done for him the next time I see her, which should be tomorrow.
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Also, he didn't have any type of reaction to our sisters cat, or my cat when they were living with us, or to the other cats Heather has had. Could it just be Peaches type of dander??
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I have 3 cats and a dog.  One cat, female, black, 11 yrs old, is allergic to a male furry cat we rescued a few months ago.  She chokes and coughs when he is around (not his hair, because the hair doesn't have time to blow to her before she starts choking).  We have a 3rd cat.  This female, 9 yrs old, is not alergic to him, and the two females are not alergic to each other.  

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