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Hi everyone, my name is Amanda, I have a total of 4 cats in my house 2 of which we rescued. 2 of the cats are mine and they are always with me my room is their room because Bella is about one year old Calico that well found me, I was in pain(my wisdom teeth) and I went to work with my mom cause I had to go to the dentist and she jsut came up to me and started meowing and so my mom knows how I am and went and knocked on peoples doors and no one knew whos cat it was so my mom gave it a few days because we werent able to get her in the car and like 2 days later my mom surprised me with her, she is my brat and she is so spoiled by me lol. My newest edition and well at first they didn't get along is Stormie she is about 3-4 months old now and she is a Manx, she came here and 2 days later we were off to the vet because she was very sick and she got Bella sick. She was infested with fleas and had ear mites and an URI, she is ok now but I still aint getting a lot of sleep becasue she is still sneezing alot, and today we started with blood. But the other 2 cats in the house is the "King of the Hill" as we call him Willie, we rescued him from the animal rescue league and he is about 7 years old now and well he loves our dogs and doesnt like the cats because he wants all the attention so we pretty much keep them seperated. Then there is midnight he is an outdoor cat he only comes in when its cold outside and when he is hungry I wait up for him every nite to come in though lol, I make sure all the animals are in, I worry to much lol. But thats it about my cats, I also got 2 labs, 2 guniea pigs, and 1 rabbit (the dogs are the family pets but the 2 guniea pigs and rabbit are mine, so I do have my hands full with these animals lol)
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Here are my two babies Bella and Stormie, I woke up and they were laying together I was so happy that they started to get along and Bella got used to her, I think it was cause when she was sick Bella knew and she was easing up lol but here they are I caught them and grabbed for my camera lol ! Still though today there are a little fighting but not much I jsut show that water bottle and Bella stops lol !
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Welcome! I'm very sorry to hear about your new baby's health problems, that's no fun at all! I'll keep your troop in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hi, Amanda! Sierra, Serenity & I welcome you and your family to TCS! We're so glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Oh my! Bella and Stormie, you're so gorgeous! Please feel free to contact me anytime by clicking on my user name and sending me a private message. I would be ever so happy to assist you in any way as you enjoy your time here with us!
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Hi and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew Only one shown on my sig. at the momemt

Wow ! you are busy with your fur-family, what a house full, bet you gets lots of love

You´ll love it here, theres lot to see and read...........oh and we have abit of fun now and then

Once you get settled maybe you could post some MORE photos
Bella & Stormie look real cutie pies We just love photos

Enjoy the forums ! !
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Welcome! Your cats are darling!
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Awee they look so sweet!! welcome!
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Welcome to TheCatSite, all!

Hope you'll enjoy it here! What's this you say about "today we started with blood"? Does that mean Stormie is getting blood transfusion, or does it mean she is coughing blood? If the latter, please get her to a vet right away and get her treated! Sounds like they all need topical flea medicine like Advantage or Frontline or TopSpot, too, at the very least...have they been to a vet? And are they spayed/neutered? HOPE SO!!!
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No stormie is sneezing blood now, but we were already at the vet about 3 weeks ago and today we called and the vet said that she has a sinus infection so he doesnt need to see her he said he wants us to stop up and get the medicine, and all the animals are fixed except the rabbit and guniea pigs but they are seperated they are mother and son and her being pregnant was a surprise lol and stormies not fixed or has her shots yet we gott wait till she gets better, and they all do have flea treatments the vet told us to wait on stormie untill she gets a little bit better because of her URI infection that she had, and shes not really around the other animals lol.
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Well, good for you for doing all the right things for her now; and my prayers and good thoughts go out to Stormie and to you all. May she have a quick recovery. Hope the medicine helps her. It is VERY important to medicate and to keep her inside and warm. I have lost a loved one to a URI before, so I am saying this with great concern for Stormie.

Keep us all posted on her progress, okay?
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ya stormie we have just learned has sinuses, well at least she has a sinus infection now and we just got more medication, she is still very active and playful...ecspecially when i am ready for bed she wants to play fetch then lol but ya i just never knew kitties could have sinuses that are bad..she is just like me then lol with bad sinuses lol
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Good for you for getting the medication. Your message ended in midsentence; you say she is still very active and...??? Just be sure you keep her inside and keep her warm. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
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ya i fixed it i was in the middle of typing it and her comes stormie she jumped on the and she love to chase the mouse browser around and sleep on it, then when i was fixing it it was time for her to go on my back lol and i seen that she sent it so i had to go and edit lol....shes just to cute to yell at i am tryign to teach her the computer is a nono but she insists on sitting on it maybe because it is warm, but now we are starting to cuddle...and i have a little heater in my room so when i think it gets to cold i make sure to turn it on for a little bit or if it isnt worth it i will put a blanket on her and such lol
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ALL CATS ARE TOO CUTE TO YELL AT but then I suppose you might have noticed that. Good for you for keeping her warm! I have my system in a room that is kept "cat-free". It's lonely in here, but there are no cat/keyboard issues, or any cat fur flying around and clogging up the system.

Miss 'em while I'm in here, though...
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome i hope your kitty feels better soon
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Thanx, Stormie is feeling so much better but she has bad sinuses and Bella has now opened up to her, the other day I caught Bella licking Stormie and last nite or should i say early this morning Bella started playing with her they chase each other all around my room, Stormie really brought out the playfullness in Bella and Bella is now getting some good excericise since she is an indoor cat lol they both are
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Welcome hope your kitty gets well soon
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Best wishes to Stormie and I hope that her sinus issues clear up soon.

That's awesome that Bella has opened up to Stormie. My Shadow wants nothing to do with the kittens and is always letting them know who "The Boss" is. The other day I was sleeping and woke up to find all three of them sleeping on the bed with me (not in a fur-pile, though).

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Welcome to TCS!

Your kitties are so very adorable! Can't wait to see more photos!

See you in the forums!
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