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Nose bleeds in my kitten PLZ HELP!!!

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Hi everyone I amm new to this but I figured I would give this a shot lol, but anywyas I have a kitten she is about 3-4 months old when we got her we were told she was 10 weeks and 2 days later we were at the vet and well he said she was about 3-4 months and we got her and she was covered in fleas and had a bad URI, I didnt get no sleep because also she shares a room with my other cat Bella whos been here for a couple months we found her and she is about a little over a year, so here the kitten got bella sick and everyones over it, that was about 3 weeks ago but the kitten now keeps sneezing she never really stopped but she was completely herself, and now sometimes when she sneezes blood is coming out, anyone have any ideas of what this could be from?I would really appreciate any ideas. I am so worried, like I said when we got her 2 days later we were at the vet and that was no sleep and I dont want to get stressed out because they can sense it.
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You don't want to be stressed with worry so you need to take her back to the vet to figure out what is going on and settle your worries. Really, there is not a whole lot we can tell you. There could be a few reasons she is sneezing blood. Has she been vaccinated? Honestly, the only time I have seen kittens sneezing blood is with PanLeuk, not to freak you out. But that is a serious thing, you need to take her back in to the vet and figure out what is going on.
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Thanks, ya it just started today so my moms waiting to see because she doesnt want to freak out right away because she does sniff alot of stuff, being a kitten and all lol, and my mom thinks she just might have broke a blood vessel. The sneezing with blood had happened twice and she just sneezed a little bit ago and there was no blood so I am going to give it one more day and if bloods there again I am definetly calling the vet.
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Its serious anytime with a young kitten who has been ill that there has been blood. Get her to the vet ASAP
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You need to go to the vet asap. I had the same experience with Frankie. He has allergies and we treat him for the herpes virus. Frankie started getting bloody snot and he was taken to the Dr immediatly. The Dr felt that in his case it was because Frankie was sneezing really hard and gave himself a bloody nose. That is not the case always, so you need to get it checked out asap.
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My cat has feline herpes and when I first got her, she had a messy nosebleed in my bed.

I have humidifiers in the house now and she gets L-lysine for the herpes. But your cat might have an upper respiratory infection. IN any case, the vet is best qualified to judge your problem.

I hope your baby is well soon, but chances are you'll need a humidifier in the wintertime. I get nosebleeds in winter, too! so the humidifier helps both Gizmo and me.
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