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Any other Mac users here?

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I got my first MacIntosh computer in 1984, when they came out. I was using Scribe on a UNIX system, and the Mac made my life so much easier that I've been a fan ever since.

Anyone else here use a Mac?

Cheers, from
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Yup, I have a Powerbook G4 and I LOVE it!!!!
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I am going to have one soon, probably a mac mini. I LOVE them, I hate PCs but this computer came free, can't afford a Mac right now. When I was a graphic design intern for a year last year, I was spoiled. I LOVED it! The brand new macs with a huge screen. PCs absolutely suck, Macs are so much better for everything really but specifically games and moveis and music and all that good stuff. Plus PCs have so many dumb problems with them all the time.
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I'm a Mac girlie!

My first iBook sadly died the inevitable Logic Board death - but that was after almost five years (and was second hand!)

I now just have my 'new' iBook and iMac and love them to bits!
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I have several friends that are HOMO (Honorable Order of Macintosh Operators). They are mostly artists and animators. My first computer was an Apple 2E with the detachable tape drive. I have a deep fondness for them, but I am a PC girl now.
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The first computer I ever bought and paid for was a Mac LC II. I am no longer working with graphic design and switched over to the Windows world quite a long time ago, but I was on Macs before Windows was born.

I miss them sometimes...
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whats a mac??

lol just kidding,
i just placed a order for a new apple note book 2 days ago.
hehe need something new to play with
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It's good to hear from fellow Mac users! I talked my husband into getting a PowerPC G4 about three years ago, and he liked it so much he got a Mac for his office, too (for doing science).

I got a MacBook (Intel) in June and it's great... it boots up in about twelve seconds and web pages come up instantly, even those with 50+ pictures.

And, pretty much no virus worries!

Cheers, from
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I played with iMovie for the first time the other day and couldn't believe how easy it was to stitch different segments of movies together and add a soundtrack, and voila - a cool cat movie!
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I had originally had a mac back in the 80s. Recently bought a new macbook, and am completely in love with it. While I'll never completely give up PC's (I'm a gamer), I definitely prefer the mac.
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I'm a mac girl!!

My family has always been a Mac family, although my brother builds his own pc's. Our family business is in the printing industry- we sell equipment to printing companies, so Macs are a big part of our lives

My iBook G4 is going to be two years old this Christmas and for about the past 6 months I've been permanently tethered to the wall minus about a 30 min battery life

I need to get a new battery!
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I have an iMac here at home. We bought it because my husband often needs to be able to edit special features for DVDs here at home rather than work. There are Mac features I prefer, but then again there are PC features that I prefer.
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I've been a Mac user since 1990. I had to buy an external hard drive for it, since it only had a floppy drive. The hard drive was a whopping 30 Megabytes! At the time, I thought "How am I ever gonna fill this thing up?"

Now, I have a lamp-style iMac at the office and a flatscreen G5 at home, while my wife has an iBook.

However: I don't like Safari, I prefer Firefox. I don't use any Apple office app, I prefer Word and Excel. I don't use iPhoto, I prefer Graphic Converter. In fact, the only Apple apps I really use are DVD Studio Pro, iWeb, iTunes (even as I yearn for the OS8-OS9 days of SoundJam) and Quicktime (even if I use VLC more often). I prefer the flexibility of third-party apps, as I'm more of a tinkerer and tweaker, so I'm very picky with the functions that I want.

But the best app for the Mac ever? Claris Filemaker. There is nothing remotely like it in any other platform, an astonishing piece of database software.
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