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Angel was stared down by a little kitten, so funny,,,

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Hi, we have some little kittens here that are about 9 weeks old I think. They are here till the owner finds homes for them. We have a "house" set up for them in our garage for them to stay in and be safe.

We had them in the house today and they were on the bed and Angel had to come and check the little guys out. She was nice to them and didn't hiss at them or anything but the smallest kitten walked over by Angel and blew himself all up with the arched back and hair on end they way they do to look tough and stared right into Angels eyes and just stood there, Well that is major fighting words for Angel when the other cats we have do that but Angel was getting upset by this and I was ready to grab the kitten if Angel did what I figured she would do but that little guy did not blink or back down one bit and Angel finally backed down. I wish I would have had the digital camera because it was so funny to watch this tiny kitten stare down Angel. I thought this little kitten was the timid and shy one of the 3 but in the house here where they have not been till today that little guy thought he owned the place already.

The little guy even stood his ground when our big dog came in to see them, He stood right there and growled and hissed at the dog till the dog left him alone. The funny thing is these kittens have the same mom as our Panther and Rusty do and they are both big chickens when it comes to anything new.

I have to get some pictures of these little guys before they go. We had 7 of them here a few days ago but they all got new homes but for these last 3. These are all orange and white kittens, for some reason the people that came to get a kitten all wanted the other colored ones first.

The little one who stared down Angel looks a little like Tuffy did but has more white on his feet and belly. All 3 of these kittens seem so grown up acting for being so small yet.
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awe thats soo cat bella stands her ground with the dogs but the kitten stormie she is like ahh who cares lol, and at first bella didnt like the kitten and well she grew on her as long as bella gets to sleep on my feet in or in my arms litterally and under the covers everything is fine. You definetly need to get some pictures before those little guys go lol.
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Here is a picture of the 3 little guys in there "house". The one by the water dish is the one who stood up to Angel. There faces are all dirty because they are little pigs when they get there soft food LOL.

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Awwww! They're so cute!!!!
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What sweethearts! They look like spunky little characters!
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It is getting so hard for me not to get attached to them. I am just a big softy at heart I guess.
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I've only heard your story and seen pictures and I'm already attached to them
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The one in the front of the picture seems to like me and trust me. When we bring them in the house if he gets scared he runs to me and lays by me. I told myself I was going to wait a long time before I got another cat after Tuffy died, But these little guys are so cute and funny to play with I am starting to think about it again. The little one by the water dish is just a nut, He gets all wound up and his eyes get big and stick out like bug eyes.
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We bring the little guys in the house and let them on the bed to run around and so we can make sure the big cats don't hurt them. I have seen kittens play before but these 3 are just crazy, and seem really attached to each other. The other day I had just one of them in the house and he seemed sad or scared, so I took him back out by the other two and he was so happy to be back with them.

Also these guys play so rough with each other, they bite each other so hard they cry out. Is that normal for kittens this age to be so rough with each other?

Also it seems people don't want them because they are males, Maybe its me but the male cats we have make better pets than the females we have.
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We are down to two of them now. The one with the white face has a new home as of this morning. The other two look so sad that he is gone.
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If this works, its a short video of one of the two kittens we still have. I am starting to get real attached to this one, even though I am trying not to.

It plays jerky and not real clear on my old computer, let me know how it works.

Click on the picture to play it.

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Aww that guy in the back is soo cute!!! Good thing he got adopted, cuz I was about to come pick him up.
It's funny that the lil ones don't have any fear sometimes! Lil Tribbles has been attacking Zakk all the time despite his growling and yelling at her. She is still messing with him. Although Zakk is top cat I've started to believe he is all talk.
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The one in the video is now gone also, so we only have the one with the orange face left. People don't want him because he is so wild.
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Oh I would have wanted an orange one they are so sweet
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Not ALL the orange ones are sweet. Skimbleshanks was a real crazy! But loveable too... Hope you find a home for the last kitten before it gets too lonely
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We have his house in the back room now so he don't have to be in the garage all by himself. He is way to brave to let run on his own, we are affraid one of the big cats will hurt him or the dog hates it when a cat bothers her when she is trying to sleep and has gone after them.

He goes right up to all the other animals to play but they don't understand that yet. This little guy never seems to slow down, he goes and goes 90 mph all the time, and he can jump off the bed or the bed to my computer chair already, he learns fast. I have been calling him Bug, because of his bulging, bug eyes. I am sure he will grow out of that look.

He is a very nice little guy and very smart, but like I said the last people didn't want him because he is so crazy.
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Well the last one has a new home today. I miss the little guys already.
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