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I know scratching and clawing at things is normal feline behavior, but as I discovered when I was making my bed this morning, my kitten likes to rip apart my bed skirt. Is there anything I should do to get her to stop doing this? When my boyfriend catches her, he claps his hands and yells and she stops for awhile, but she always comes back, especially when nobody is home. We gave her a piece of carpeting that she can scratch, and we encourage her and praise her when she scratches that and the other things we sid she can scratch, but she always goes back to the bed skirt. Suggestions on how to change this would be much appreciated!
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My cat was doing the exact same thing...she wouldn't stop scatching the bedskirt. Finally I gave in...I went out and bought her three different types of scatching things (one that stands upright, one that lays flat and one that attaches to the wall) and set them all in different parts of the house. I figured..she is going to scatch, I better supply her with something she likes to scatch otherwise I can't complain. Now she uses all three of her posts...and my bedskirt finally has some relief.
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This is a pretty good thread because my cat does the same thing to my bedskirt. I use to make loud noices and she would run off. Then she wouldn't even run off at my loud noices. I have given up I just let her do it. I don't like it but it's not worth waisting my energy yelling when she doesn't listen.

I am going to try the different types of scratching posts. I think that was a good idea. Thanks hil1717
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Try spraying your bed skirt with a cat/dog repellent like bitter apple until they get it. Good luck
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I would put a scratching pad or post near where the bed skirt is. When she does it, pick her up and put her on the post. This way the move from the skirt to the post is quick and easier for her to learn.
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I bought Bitter Apple spray this weekend at the pet store. I opened the bottle and boy does that stuff stink. However, Lily came up to the bottle and rubbed her face all over it. The smell didn't seem to bother her too much. I sprayed it on my bedskirt and that didn't work. She is still clawing it. Oh well... I tried and once again she won!!
What an
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My little one can't stand the smell of my deoderant also he can't stand the leond scented air freshner. Something worth
exploring. Good luck
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