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My Snow is gone 1 week today

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Hi everyone, today my Snow is gone 1 week. The house is lonely, I am lonely and sad. I miss her terribly. I still feel guilty and terrible for having to put her down, but her quality of life had diminished. She was suffering too badly, but I kept trying to hold on to her for as long as I could. She was a special cat, a special needs cat, totally deaf, but oh so beautiful, those big blue eyes and all white fur, she was a persian. We communicated thru hand gestures with her, turning the light switches on and off when we would arrive home at nite to let her know we came home. She was smart and loved everyone, she did not bond with our other 2 cats, who are 8 and 5 years old. She would go to them and smell noses, but quickly go the other direction. It was people who she loved. She purred for everyone, including the Vet! Cannot stop thinking of her and missing her, thank you for all your comments, they do help. I thought I would write something today for her, I just miss her so.
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RIP sweet Snow. I'm sorry you had to put her down, but now her quality of life is perfect as she is healthy and young as a kitten and playing at The Rainbow Bridge.

Bless her sweet heart, she sounds like she was a very special kitty.
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I am so sorry, I know that doesn't help any, your going through a tough time and it will be a while before the pain softens. I am sure that snow is in rainbow bridge, hearing and all, with no pain, playing with all of the other animals.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Snow - enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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Hi Bimbo,

It's a week tomorrow for Tootsie. My house is empty as I have no pets now but I feel better as I saw Tootsie in my dreams the day after she went.
I totally understand the guilt you feel. Last Monday I felt phisically sick all day knowing that I'd made the decision to have her put down. I understand your decision to have Snow put down because Tootsie also had Hyperthyroidism and Congestive heart failure and I guess Snow would have looked the same sorry state as Toots. When they get to the stage where they can't breathe properly anymore there's nothing we can do except let them go.
I hope you feel better soon and give your other 2 cats a cuddle from me because I'd give anything right now to get a cuddle off a cat. :-)
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I am so sorry for your loss so sorry her your kitty being taken soo young. Lots of hugs your way. Just know everyone is here for you.
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Condolences to you both, Bimbo and Jennilou, for your losses. What i am reading here are beautiful tributes to two very special kitties; i hope that it helps to write about what you feel, because it helps so many others who read your words. Quite a few people check out these posts without joining TCS, and i know that many of them are experiencing similar losses.
Hugs to you both Susan
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RIP sweet Snow.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a special bond with Snow.

RIP sweet Snow
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