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Orbax side effects?  

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Has anyone noticed their cats being a little depressed on Orbax? My 18 y/o Sheba is on it for a UTI (1/2 of a 5.7mg once a day, on day 4 out of 8), and has been a little grumpy lately. Not mopey, not lethargic, just not quite as affectionate as usual, and a tad bit growlier. She'll still purr if I give her scritchies, she's just not actively seeking scritchies. She's not eating as well as I'd like, but is eating. She also has CRF and CHF, and gets fluids and meds for those. She showed no signs of having a UTI when I happened to notice her urine had a bit of a pinkish tinge in the box, and took a sample for a urinalysis.

I also wonder if part of it is that I'm usually not home all day with her like I am on a weekend, so she's a little sick of me pestering her all day long.
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I'm still not sure if it was related to the antibiotic (I'll call my vet tomorrow before her next dose is due), but she sounded like she was getting some fluid buildup in her lungs and was breathing a little harder than she should. She went downhill a bit after I posted earlier.

Luckily, I had a backup injection of furosemide, and now she's perkier and eating well again. A little more than a half hour ago, she had a hard time walking up two steps into the spare bedroom and had to stop and lay down afterwards. Just now, she jogged off into our bedroom after getting her fluids. She sat and ate thru most of her fluid treatment. This cat is amazing.
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Update, after going back to the vet a couple more times this week (I work there, so it's just a matter of bringing her in with me, thankfully), Sheba does need a stronger dose of her diuretic. And a little stronger appetite stimulant.

Twice now she's gotten sick while being treated for UTIs. She didn't show any sign of being sick while she had the UTIs. The first time, a year and a half ago, it was just a routine urinalysis as a precursor to bloodwork, and she didn't show any signs of having a UTI or being sick at all, until she was on the antibiotic. This time, I just happened to notice that her urine looked a little pinkish. Again, she was acting fine until she was on the medicine. Both times, she went off her food and acted depressed, withdrawn and moody while on an antibiotic.

But now she's eating better. Still very weak, but acting stronger and more herself. Yay, Sheba!
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Sheba had to be euthanized at the local emergency clinic on Thanksgiving Day.

The diuretics she was on no longer were clearing the fluid from her chest, and she couldn't breathe. There was so much fluid that you couldn't even see her heart on the xrays. Her lungs were compressed by the fluid outside, and had fluid inside. The procedure to remove the fluid would have likely killed her, been very stressful and traumatic, and at most give her a few more days. I couldn't put her through that. I'd have been doing it for me, not for her.

Tuesday, she was eating very well, and enjoyed a few hours laying in the sunshine in the window. She was pretty good when I had her with me at work Wednesday - purring, eating, giving headbutts - but went downhill fast that evening and the next day. I'm heartbroken, but very glad to know that I was able to keep her comfortable and happy as long as I could, and was able to end her suffering when I couldn't.
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Oh dear God, I am so sorry. Heartbroken headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan.

It just goes to show that your were loving and caring right to the end. Your cat was very blessed to have had you as her guardian, lover and helper. Bless you.
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So , sorry to read this.  I had to put my dear 4 year old cat Sarah to sleep last October,, I cried for three months

and still hurt .. Heart wrenching pain.  God help you.

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I just saw this was in 2006, should have read date first...but although time heals, pain is never gone, i think.

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