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I tried the catnip routine last night. You know, fill them up with catnip, let them run themselves nuts and then we sleep??? Not on your best day.

Tammy-Timmy hates catnip. The other cats went nuts, did their running around, she just look at them like "Wasss uppp?"

Today, however is a different story. Everyone else is asleep but me and her. And now for the rundown. Up on the desk, on the blanket I put for her, threw that blanket on the floor. Bit Pete to get him off the blanket HE was on, so I took that one away. I also took the blanket I gave her and gave it to KittenKiya. Pete is now sleeping on that one. We got into a hissing session with ChanKahli, who doesn't like this cat at all. Tammy-Timmy ran INTO my closed bedroom door 4 times to get it open and of course, open it did and Pete flew in. Now I have to chase Pete and Tammy out of the room and try to close the door tighter this time. (I'm going to be needed some concrete pretty soon.)

Ok, I try to calm them down, Tammy-Timmy please, settle down. You have food, water, come here, I will hug you and love you ........pouff.......Tammy is in the kitty litter room clawing the screen.

I don't know if she is looking for someone, or if she was just alone so much that she doesn't know what to do with herself, or she had a lot of kitten friends to play with. These guys here are all settled in their ways. They are NOT going to play with her. (Oh God, please don't tell me to get another cat to keep her company.....AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH)

So, the two girls do NOT like each other. Tammy-Timmy loves Pete, but Pete has had it up to here with her. She and KittenKiya ignore each other.
I may have to go back to Vodka after all.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Rum? Tequila? Vodka (oh God)? Whiskey? Bud? MGD?
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Heck, go straight for the Everclear.
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Honey, Everclear what? Tanquery, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Saphire, Sutter's Home?
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