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Bats in the Belfry

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or is it Cats in the Belfry?

Here's Itsy peering down from the top of his cat tree. He reminds me of a bat hanging upside down in a tower.

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Ohhhhhh.... hello little bat. You are soooo cute!
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Peekaboo Itsy!
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Cute!! I especially like the very bat-like shadow!
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"I Am CATman!"

Great pic Nial!
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I always enjoy the pictures you post of your cats ... a guaranteed chuckle!
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I love the shadow as well!! He just needs a cape and you have batcat!
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Thats so cute!
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Itsy is the cutest bat that I have ever seen.
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Oh lil cutie!
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All together now....

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that is sooooo cute!!!!
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omg that is sooo cute
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Oh my gosh! That's so cute! He's a cutie pie!
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Mischief, that's the word that came into my head when i saw that impish little face
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What a little doll!
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