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New feral pics!

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Hi all. I managed to get some better Pics of the kitties. some aren't very good, but im working on it!





Mr. Tabby












There are a few more kitties I have not managed to get pics of yet, but aren't these cats stunning??
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Oh my goodness they are stunning! What is their story?
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Well, first some were let out by some neighbors. Then they continued to breed. It seems that these guys were all fought off by the others, as when they showed up here they were SO skinny.

I have been working on finding resources to help with spay/nueter. I got a hold of an old, rusty trap, (and one angel from this site is possibly going to be able to get me a good one) and have found two places to get vouchers, but even with using both vouchers, it does not cover the costs. Once I have those, I am going to ask for donations on a couple cat sites (including here) to cover the rest of the costs, as I am VERY broke and hardly make enough to scrape by each month and keep my two inside kitties fed, etc, but I REALLY want to stop this endless cycle of suffering. Three of the females have had litters and lost them. I was able to save 2 abandoned kittens, but the rest I either never knew where they were, or I could not get to them, and they didn't survive. It is SO sad to hear and see... and its not fair. That is why I am trying to find help to TNR these cats. If anyone who reads this is in Kern County and would be willing to help me trap, I would appreciate it SO very much. I am scared and it seems that Kern County is not willing to work with me, aside from the vouchers and ONE local vet who said he will do the surgeries and vaccinations. Also, if anyone here is willing to help with remaining costs for the surgeries and/or vaccinations (distemper and rabies), I would also REALLY appreciate it, and so would these kitties. I wish i had the money to do it myself, but unfortunately, I really don't. I feel so bad for these kitties, and want so badly to help them, and prevent hundreds of other kitties being born who will live outside scared and cold like these beautiful babies are.

~ Bobbi ~
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Oh Bobbi YOU are the angel! Bless you for doing this. I cant help physically but I can donate to your cause to help these poor babies. I will PM you.
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Those kitties are beautiful, Bless you for trying to help them.
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Did you join the feral cat yahoo group?? There may be some people on that site that live near or around you:


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Thanks, Katie. Yes, I joined and posted, but it needs to be accepted, I guess.

Thank you, Bella and Pam! <3
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Oh I was very ineterested to read your post - I am currently involved with a TNR where I live in Spain. I really sympathise with your money worries ! We have done a door-to-door collection and raised 210 euros, which is great but no-where enough. So we have some other funds raisers planned.

Anyway - heres sending lots of Good Luck it is hard work and you get some miserable & ignorant people, BUT as you know it is very worth while - and the kitties will love you forever Bless you !

PS they are a handsome looking bunch arent they
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Thanks Yes, they are beautiful! Bless you for caring about your ferals, too! Good job with the fundraising! Good luck to you, as well!!! <3
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