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Depressed Tiger and her Babes - cute

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this is so cute..................

once you get on the link, scroll down for real cutie photos.......

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The poor mama. But it does look like she adores the little ones who are so cute in their little tiger suits.
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that is sooooo prescious! I think that is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!
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Poor Momma tiger, that is so precious. Animals are just so amazing!
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Here is the real story on that. It's not a California zoo, it's in Thailand.


Part of the article states:

Although these pictures might appear charming and innocent, the AWI noted back in 2004 that there may be a darker side to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, as press reports stated that Sriracha was under investigation for illegally breeding protected wildlife for commercial export and had been implicated in the sale of a hundred tigers to China (where there is strong demand for tiger body parts for use in traditional Chinese medicines). The AWI also noted that in late 2004 the zoo was closed for a month when between 80 and 100 tigers died or were euthanized due to an avian influenza (probably spread via the raw chicken carcasses fed to the tigers) that swept through the facility.
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Ahh that was so sweet, thanks for sharing. I love to see things like that.
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Those have to be some of the cutest pictures ever!
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Thanks for the snopes link, Natalie. I have to say, those pictures made me wonder, cute though it first looks. I can't imagine a Western zoo attempting that. It's sad what these zoos can get away with in other parts of the world.
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