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Prayers for my mom....

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My mom has had pancreatitis for a few years now. Well she went in a few days ago to have a cat scan done on her pancreas and they found a lesion. She has to go on the 21st to have an endoscopy and biopsy done to make sure there are no cancer cells. Please can you pray for my mom that there is no cancer. Pancreatic cancer is extremely fatal. There is little treatment. Our pastor's husband passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago and my mom has always said that it is her biggest fear.

Thanks guys
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Oh, I'm so sorry! What a worry! I hope it turns out to be nothing and that she's OK! Sending very powerful get well vibes to your Mom!
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I will deffinatley be praying for your Mom.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you honey. If you need ANYTHING PM me. I have had experience with this kind of thing.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom and the rest of your family in this difficult time.
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Definately your mom will be put in my prayers...sending you hugs and positive energy to get though this difficult period!
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Will be praying for your Mom. Scary, I know.
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Oh my dear, my thoughts are coming your way, at least she is having it checked out, which is of, course, the best action.

Heres sending lots of positive, strong healthy {{{{{vibes }}}} for your mum. Also some big warm for you to help you be strong from your mum and your family. Do keep us posted and I am sure Lookingglass will have some great advice and help for you!

Heres lots of
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Calm, healthy vibes are on the way to both you and you Mother.(((hugs))))
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I hope the tests show she has nothing to worry about. Sending good thoughts...
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I will send out many prayers for your Mom and family! My Mother is a cancer survivor and we have had many scares of another occurence. I know the waiting can be so hard. Bless her and your family
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My thoughts and prayers are there for your mother. We had a family friend die of pancreatic cancer and I'm hoping that your mother's lesion is something benign.
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Your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending many prayers for your mother..I really hope its nothing
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Courtney Im sending many prayers to you and your mother
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Your mom and family will be in my thoughts.
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I will keep her and all your family in my prayers. Hopefully the cat scan will bring good news.
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Oh Honey, I wish I had the magic words to make you and your mom feel better...........all my thoughts and prayers are headed your way..........
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Many prayers coming your way!! I lost my Dad to Cancer.
I am hoping it is nothing serious!!
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oh Courtney, I'm so sorry, I hope its nothing you and your family will be in my thoughts, you know how to get a hold of me if you ever need to talk
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God's blessings to you and your mother. I will be praying that everything turns out normal and cancer-free.
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Your mom is in my prayers.
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Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts!
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I will keep you and your mother in my prayers please let us know how everything turns out ok? I'm having another scope and biopsey done myself on Thursday- they're really not too bad- i'm sure she will be ok you are both in my prayers
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