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Smiling Cat Question...

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Weird Question-
Do cats smile?..And if they do, how can you tell??
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yes they do.............and you can tell by...........well see below

Dino has a dirty big grin on his face
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My cat, who looks just like Dino, but is female, has her lips turn up on the sides. I do think cats smile!
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Look at Scooter in my siggy if you want to see an cat smile. He is such a sweetie, he smiles at me all the time.
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Not sure if they really smile, but I found that cats have definetely strong facial expressions.
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Russian Blue cats have a natural smile.
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According to my very smart DH, cats have very similar facial muscles to a human. That is why you can get definite expressions on a cat's face. He also says that cats can also be left or right handed!!
If you have lived with a cat for any length of time you can tell by the face and the eyes whether we are a HAPPY cat or not.
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Look at Chichi on this picture. Doesn't she look like she's smiling?

Yes, I believe cats do smile. When I see my cat sitting around looking bored, mindlessly staring at the wall, I come by and kiss her on the forehead and pet her a bit, she looks really happy and gives me something that looks very much like a smile.
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I think American Shorthair got the "always smile look"

some random photos from the net..

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Gizmo definitely looks a bit 'smilier' when she is happy. Her prominent whisker pads normally give her a pouty, somewhat disapproving look when she's seen from the front. Perhaps she is simply moving her whiskers back to show the 'smile'. Anyway, it is the sentiment that counts.
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I think cats smile. I see Meeker and Draco smiling all the time when they're happy. The apples of their cheeks even get bigger.
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