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Help Something is wrong with my baby.

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Hi I know you all are not vets and only a vet can tell me what is wrong with her but the problem is Where I live there is no vets open on Saturday and no emegecy clinic. I have called and left a message with my regular vets answering service and also called the other two vets in my area and left messages for them to call me its beeen two hours and no one has called back. Can anyone give me any ideas of what could be wrong with her. She is a Sphynx Devon Rex cross that was rescued from a shelter about a year ago. She is around 3 years old. and when we got her she had absesses on all four feet and very bad ear infection in both ears. She got well very quickley and has been very healthy until this morning. I also have 4 Sphynx. When I got up this morning all of my babies were in the bed with me like every morning except for Sphynx Devon rex cross her name is Adreian she was not in there so I got up and looked for her we found her sleeping under the couch. I got her out and was petting her and she acted fine. Then I put her down to go get something to drink and she started walking and she is walking like she is drunk. I watched her thinking maybe it was just a one time thing and its not. When she gets up to walk she is still walking drunk. I checked her and she is not dehydrated and she is eating. I am guessing something happend to her durning the night. She was fine yesterday. What could cause her to be fine one day and drunk the next. And does anyone have any advise on what I can do until one of these lazy vets call me back. Thanks
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Either she has eaten something thats not good some type of poision or posssibly a stroke. ?I hope you can get into a vets with her today. Its so frustrating to live in a area that has no vets for emergencies.
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Yep, you need vet help immediately. This does sound like some of the signs of a stroke.

Please let us know how your baby makes out. We all want to help one another here. By the way, can you call long distance if you need to, to talk with someone at an emergency clinic?
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The closest emergecy clinc is two hours away. I called them and they said for me to bring her in. That would not be a problem if it were one of my other babies but Aderian stresses so bad in the car she hates to ride and freaks out on the 5 min. normal vet ride. When I told the emegecy clinic how she is in the car they advised me not to bring her because they said it would be best to keep her calm. I have called the three vets in my area again and also the 2 vets in the next county that is 30 mins. away and no one has called back. Thats 5 vets and no one will call back out of 5 looks like one would be able to call back but I am still waiting. This is totally outrageous.
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Oh heck, how annoying for you ....................um could you just take her to the vets that is 30 mins away that you mention ?...............I know she may get stressed, but that 30mins may be the most important time right now ??

Do keep us posted and lots of get well soon {{{{{vibes}}}}} flying your way !!
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The ones 30 min. away wont call back either. 4 of them are not open at all on Saturdays and one is open from 4 to 5 and that one is one of the ones that is 30 mins. away. If I dont get a return call before they open at 4 I will take her there but I am hopeing to have someone see her by then. I also called the vets that are a hour away and they said the same as the emegecy clinc said not to stress her. So for now I am stuck. And am so angery with them not calling back Most charge a 50 dollar emergecy call and I even left a message with there answering services that I was willing to pay more than the 50 if some one would just come in and look at her and still no one will call back. If my house was not paid for I would move to a better location for vets.
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That is just maddeniing. I am so sorry. You really need a vet. All we can do here is hopefully hold your hand and your baby's paw and wish you the very best until you can get help.

We are here for you 24/7/365. Lots of loving headbuts and please feel better licks for you and please get better quick headbuts and soothing, healthy licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Hi just wanted to let everyone know that she finally got to see a vet yesterday and he said that some how she has hurt her back. I dont know how she could have hurt it unless she feel off of something. He said that nothing showed on the xrays but in a section of her back thats about a inch long she has no feeling so he is hopeing that it is just muscle damage and it will heal. He said that it could get better or stay the same just to watch her. She is eating and drinking and acting her self as long as she dont walk when she walks she is still wobbley but not as bad as she was yesterday. Thanks to everyone for being there yesterday.
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Thanks fo the update. Sending healing vibes to your kitty.
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Thank heavens it's nothing life threatening!

Sending hugs and thoughts of quick healing your way!
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Hi..........just checking in. Oh I am pleased that you have an answer, its such a horrible thing to go through, not knowing whats wrong........and of course all that messing about with vets

Well hopefully things will soon heal, heres sending lots of get well {{{{{vibes }}}}} and some from my kitty crew
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